With Ghost White Toner supplies you’ll receive perfect prints page by page. Our supplies guarantee best printing quality and page yield for your printer. With our white toners your printer becomes a Ghost and enables you to print in white without any extra software. Get started with white printing.

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Ghost has specialized in printing toners for the laser printers from the US-American manufacturer HP and therefore counts on the market leader in this segment. The printing results as well as the speed and the easy handling speak for themselves. With these printers, white printing with our white toners is possible and opens up new possibilities. We offer many products and product bundles for different models to print medium or large scale.
Printer toners differ from conventional cartridges. They allow more efficient work processes as well as the production of templates via transfer foils in order to transfer your individual design onto blanks and textiles. The application here is particularly easy and is explained clearly by us. With one purchase you are equipped for many printing processes and facilitate every day working processes, no matter if you use our products privately or operationally.

What are toners?

Toners differ strongly from the cartridges of inkjet printers which were predominantly in use up until recently. Ink is, as the name suggests, always liquid. It is applied by spraying very fine droplets from the cartridge on a paper. Toners in laser jet printers on the other hand work with very fine powder. This powder in printing toners consists of the respective color pigments and of magnetized metal oxides, resin and a separating agent that prevents the powder mixture from sticking together.

Toners have excellent properties and the fine powder excels with a clear image, longevity and color fastness. Printer toners, or more precisely the use of laser printers, is on the rise and will prevail in private households as well. The slightly higher purchase price will amortize quickly, since significantly more sheets or foils can be printed in a shorter time. Handicraft enthusiasts, small private entrepreneurs and big companies profit similarly from the positive properties of laser printers.

White printing toners from Ghost

White toners from Ghost are specially made for HP’s laser printers, in order to achieve outstanding printing results on colored paper. With white toners interesting and thrilling toner transfers are being realized as well, to produce individualized products and to advertise you or your company or to manufacture personal gift ideas and much more.
Different white toners as cartridges cover many different printer series from manufactures like HP, Lexmark, Canon and Samsung.

In order to transfer white or colored motifs with white elements on a T-Shirt, a cup or other objects, it is necessary to work in steps using special foils (A-foil) and papers (B-paper). The application of the desired motif takes places via heat-active transfer. Before that, the template is created on the computer where the motif is mirror-inverted. A white toner is inserted into the HP laser printer instead of the black printing toner and created as black area – which is then white when printed. Further information to this process and more ideas to use white toners are on our website for your use.

The classical printer toners

The range of printer toners also includes black toners and the colors cyan, yellow and magenta, also known as the CMYK color model. The letters C, M and Y are the first letters of the English name for the contained colors. The K, which is the abbreviation for the color black, on the other hand, probably comes from the English word “key” – meaning: key for black as key plate. With these toners you can create hundreds of color tones for your motifs and even photo prints in realistic quality.

The colors black, cyan, magenta and yellow can be purchased as single cartridges or in kits, depending on your printer model. These kits are numbered and show you exactly which printer toner is suitable for your printer. Each kit is sufficient for several thousand pages printed. The same applies to toners of a single color shade. As certain printer series resemble each other, you will realize that main and sub models of HP printers each require the same printer toners. Meaning, you can include a possible upgrade or addition to your printer stock in your planning. Please feel free to inform yourself about our offers and the newest laser printers from HP.

Toner selection for Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow:

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– Ghost Toner Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow

The change to printer toners is particularly worthwhile for companies since this makes the implementation of your ideas very quick. Also check our small and large bundles and starter packs, which allow a change at particularly good conditions. The bundles include a printer and all necessary printer toners.

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