White Toner printing for brands, stores and gastronomy

From T-shirt and merchandising transfers to short-run packaging and concepts, window graphics, clear film, stationery, invitations, menus and much more

White Toner Print on (almost) everything!

Ghost White Toner: Discover your creativity

Discover your creativity
Printing white on colored and black paper? Individual and innovative ideas can be easily realized with Ghost. Bring out your ideas in a high-quality way and let yourself be inspired by other enthusiastic customers in this video!

White Toner printing for stores, small businesses and brands

Perfect Your Presentation

Your business is based on a modern concept and your restaurant has a welcoming ambience? You’re working in a great team and provide excellent service and exquisite cuisine? You created an outstanding brand around your hand-crafted locally produced products? With Ghost you can perfect the presentation of your restaurant, café or brand and underline its peculiar flair with individual white printed designs.
Find your own style and make your prints as unique as your business.

Ghost offers you endless possibilities to unleash your creativity. And, like on other printers, you can also print in color and black for your daily commercial correspondence.

Elaborate Designs for Your Restaurant or Café

With Ghost you can create elaborate and individual designs and prints – easy and in-house. Create impressive outstanding menus with elegant white designs to underline the charismatic or romantic ambience of your café.

Print your today’s specials with white toner on black, colored or uncoated paper; make them stand out and attract customers.
Create self-designed glasses and oil and vinegar bottles carrying your logo printed in white. The first impression counts the most! Ghost White Toner offers you endless possibilities to stand out of the mass. Attract new customers with individualized printing matters and become the hottest place to be of your city.

White Toner printing allows you to create many different items for business merchandise or sale. From glasses, bottles, placemats, custom packaging solutions to personalised textiles – everything is possible with White Toner printing. On demand and starting from one piece at a time.

Make Wishes Come True

Your customers want a special individualized decoration for a wedding, birthday party or a business event? With the Little Ghost Bundle and the Ghost White Toner there’s no limit to your creativity.

With its low price and the low follow-up costs Ghost is also suitable for small businesses. Print and press all items on demand in exactly the quantity needed. No more waiting times or complicated communication with print shops.

White Toner Transfer is easy to learn and use. You will be producing personalised items within minutes.

Get Started with Ghost White Toner Now!

Ghost does not require a special software.
Just create a file with the desired design using any graphic software of your choice. Insert the Ghost White Toner into your printer and everything displayed in black on your screen will be printed in white.

The transfer of the toner to other materials is also very simple.
The only additional equipment you need is a transfer press, or iron, and our transfer foils. Just print your motive on a transfer foil and transfer it applying pressure and heat. Thus, you can apply your designs to all kinds of materials such as wood, glass, ceramics and cardboard.

Use the toner transfer method to individualize placemats, glasses, dishes and much more: everything is possible. Get a Ghost now and the best support of your life. We provide you with a detailed instruction and are pleased to answer all your questions about white toner laser printing. Just write us an email!

Ghost Bundles For Everything

Ghost Transferfoils

Find Ghost White Toner

Ghost Toner Finder

– OR –

Just search for your printer and find the right toner

Print ideas in white easily by yourself

Ghost White Toner allows you to perfectly realize special wishes of your customers for different occasions, without much effort. With a Ghost Bundle including White Toner, personal guest cards, decorations and more for weddings, Christmas parties or company celebrations can be realized without any special knowledge.

Already with a low investment of less than 1000 Euro and low printing costs per page you can start with white printing – ideal for small businesses, self-employed & private persons.

There are no more waiting times and no slow communication with the printer. You can easily print the articles yourself in the quantity discussed. This does not require a complex and professional printing system or studies in graphic design.

White Toner Transfer is easy to learn and simple to implement in your everyday planning. Within minutes you can produce individualized invitations, glasses, shirts and more.

The advantages of Ghost White Toner printing

White print can be used for any event: for example, weddings, trade fairs, galas, a business events.
It emphasizes the individual frame design of the event.
You can quickly and easily implement the special wishes of your customers.
A wide variety of materials can be printed by yourself.
White printing with Ghost is fast and cost-effective.
You can easily create single pieces and small editions.
No complex software is required for printing preparation.

Insert Ghost White Toner and start printing

You don’t need any special software for Ghost. Just create your file in your usual design software and export it as a PDF. If you want to print on colored paper or a Transfer Foil, replace the black cartridge in your laser printer with the white one. It can be a Ghost printer, but also many other laser printer models are suitable for this. Now print everything that is black on the screen in white. If you want to print on other materials, the Toner Transfer is suitable. For this you need a Transfer Press and Transfer Foils. You print the motif mirror-inverted on the Transfer Foil. With pressure and heat, it is then transferred to materials such as T-shirts, cardboard, ceramics, glass, fabric or wood.

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