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White printing for Studios, Designers and Agencies

Print White with your laserprinter and impress your customers with new ideas. White toner on colored paper!

Great design with white print

Offer unique products to your clients and stand out from other designers and agencies. Realize new projects and ideas with Ghost and the limit to your creativity will be the sky.
You want to have your logo printed in white on high-quality colored and uncoated paper? - Ghost can do it!
Combine white toner with expressive colors - the result will be amazing. Give business reports, instructions, posters and much more an elegant and individual look with precise and sharp white prints. Use paper sizes up to A3 (Ledger, B). No matter what: the Ghost Bundle will help you to enhance your designs. Use Ghost to create prototypes or realize small scale productions - quick and cost-effective in-house.

Ghost Bundle: Perfect for agencies, designers and creatives.

White Printing for Designers, Studios or Agencies

Labels, Packaging and Samples with White Print

Until now, white prints on a colored background could only be realized with screen printing or offset printing. Creating samples and prototypes has been time-consuming and expensive. With Ghost, those times are over. Print brilliant and sharp white designs on colored, black and even transparent paper. The Ghost Bundle brings white toner on simply every paper suitable for laser printers. Create high-quality prints with a great tactile texture – easy and cost-effective. Print over white layers with color to give your designs an even more unique look. And that’s how it works: everything appearing black on your screen will be printed in white, if the White Toner is inserted into your printer.

Ghost Bundle: Perfect for the design of labels, packaging and prototypes.

Unendliche Möglichkeiten dank Toner-Transfer

Toner Transfer gives you endless possibilities not only to realize amazing design ideas on paper, but also on other materials. Only print a mirror-image of your design on A foil and transfer it to the any item of your choice- that’s it.
No more cutting out transfer foil. Only the toner will be transferred. This technique is suitable to apply your designs to all kinds of materials such as wood, metal, fabrics, glass and cardboard. Use Ghost to create prototypes or realize small scale productions in-house. The necessary equipment including transfer presses and foils is available in our online store.

Ghost Bundle: Perfect for individualizing your products.

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Fuel your creativity

Give stationeries such as greeting cards, invitations, covers or envelopes a unique look with white designs or letters.
Discover how easy it is to realize all your ideas with Ghost.
Get inspired by our samples and impress your customers, family and friends with extraordinary prints.

Ghost Bundle: Perfect for giving stationary products a unique look. Unleash your creativity with Ghost White Toner!

Print white text on business cards, flyers and brochures and convince your customers with innovative products and outstanding designs.

Find Ghost White Toner for your printer

White Toner for many different printers

Especially for you

With these products you can start right away.
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    Low Price

    The Ghost Bundle costs less than samples for screen printing or offset printing.

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    More Flexibility

    Print what you need when you need it. Safe time by printing in-house.

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    In combination with transfer foils you can also apply your designs to wood, glass, ceramics and other materials.

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    Easy to Operate

    Ghost does not require special software. Just insert the White Toner into your printer and everything appearing black on your screen will be printed in white.

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    Low Follow-Up Costs

    The HP technology is perfect for cost-effective productions.

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    Unlimited Creativity

    Ghost and Ghost White Toner offer you as a designers the possibility to realize all your innovative ideas and create unique business cards, flyers and brochures with white prints.

Give Your Business the Ghost Factor

With these products you can start with white toner laser printing now!
  • 22 In stock

    Big Ghost Bundle

    Sometimes, great ideas need more space. The Big Ghost Bundle is our starter package for white toner laser printing in A3 (Ledger, B). It comprises: our Big Ghost printer (HP Color Laserjet Pro CP5225dn), one Ghost White Toner cartridge and one toner cartridge in cyan, magenta, yellow and black each.
  • 39 In stock

    Little Ghost Bundle Vol. 4

    Print White on T-Shirts, Mugs, Tiles, Bottles and more. Ghost White Toner is great to be used for White underprinting in customization of dark textiles. Of course you can also create and print outstanding cards, invitations and other printed matters with Ghost White Toner.
  • 91 In stock

    Sublime Ghost Bundle

    Start your Sublimation Business using Ghost Sublime Toner for easy transfer to all polyester based blanke such as Textiles, Pillows, T-Shirts and more. Ghost Sublime Toner can be printed on Copy Paper and transfered directly to all available Sublimation blanks. Get the best of both worlds and use Ghost White Toner in your Sublime printer for customization of dark surfaces.
  • 96 In stock

    Little Ghost Bundle Vol. 4 + Ghost color toner-Set

    Our fourth starter package for high-quality White printing in A4. With integrated WiFi connection. The Bundle comprises the printer incl. HP starter toner (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and the Ghost White Toner cartridge. You also get our Ghost colour toner set with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black toner.

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