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Optimize your transfer process for an even better result. Various helpful products from Ghost are available here!
Ghost Banner Paper Black - perfect for the Ghost Pro!  Print your own banners with the Ghost Pro and you have many possibilities to draw attention to your products, promotions or events in a cool way.
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With our sticky lint roller you can make sure there are no fluffs on your textile! Use it before you place your print to get a clean surface. Simple, efficient and fast!
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Ghost Heat Tape is a very useful product in the transfer process. It prevents ready pressed foils from slipping on the textile, mug or similar and the final print stays in the right position. Durability on various surfaces is given by the high quality adhesive. The heat tape can be removed anywhere without leaving any residue and is highly heatable.
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A must for anyone who uses a mug press and prints on items such as mugs, glasses and more with the Multitrans paper. The Ghost Silicone Mat is perfectly matched and tailored for toner transfer applications, specifically for various mug presses. Once the printed transfer paper is on the mug or glass, you simply place the silicone mat around it and then together in the mug press.
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