White printing for creatives!

Unlimited design options with Ghost White Toner. Print White on dark paper, textured media or transfer to textiles and more!

White Toner Print on (almost) everything!

Ghost – A Versatile Printer for Every Occasion

You want outstanding stationery for your birthday party, wedding or anniversary? Make your designs become as special as the occasion. Design individual invitations, greeting cards and much more: your possibilities are endless! Print white designs on elegant high-quality cardboard, uncoated or glossy paper.

With Ghost White Toner you can print on all kinds of papers, even rough paper with a special tactile texture. Just insert the Ghost White Toner into your printer and everything displayed in black on your PC screen will be printed in white. You do not need special software. Use the software you are familiar with to create amazing designs for invitations, table decorations, wrappers, gift tags and much more.

Scrapbooking, Craft Punching and Decopatch

Ghost is a team player. Combine white laser printing with other techniques like scrapbooking, craft punching or decopatch to give your crafts the X factor.

The prints do not have to dry, are rub resistant and resistant to water and solvents. Thus, they can be printed or painted over immediately.

Unleash you creativity and individualize your crafts with white designs on colored paper. Depending on the cartridge inserted, you can also print in black or color. Combine different colors and techniques and find your own individual style. Get inspired by our samples and surprise your friends, family and customers with outstanding and amazing crafts.

Enhance Your Crafts with Toner Transfer

Ghost White Toner can be transferred to all kinds of materials such as wood, metal, glass and ceramics. Even on plastic or fabrics like felt the results are amazing. All you need is a transfer press and transfer foil. Make sure you’re working on a stable and even surface. Print a mirror image of your white design on a transfer foil; then transfer it to the desired item applying pressure and heat.
Make your crafts become a must-have!

If you sell your crafts on an online marketplace: stand out from the mass of sellers and offer your customers unique products. You can even apply designs in silver and gold using our metallic foils. Transfer your designs to wine bottles, candles and jars and create exclusive gifts. Or individualize shirts, sweaters and other garments in the blink of an eye. Welcome to the World of Ghost where everything is possible!

Broaden Your Creative Horizon

Problems with getting white color onto colored paper with a special surface? Even special paint markers do not achieve the desired effect? Ghost is the solution to all these problems. Just print white toner on colored paper. Chose different font types or create graphics on your PC – no special software required. Combine the Ghost technology with other techniques like decopatch or pyrography to create unique items or gifts.!

Print on acrylic with Ghost White toner

Acrylic is a very popular product. Many of you have asked us if it is possible to print on acrylic with Ghost White toner. So we have tested this! In this video we show you how to print your own acrylic coasters with Multitrans Pro!

Ghost Bundles For Everything

Ghost Transferfoils

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Just search for your printer and find the right toner

Print ideas in white easily by yourself

Ghost White Toner allows you to perfectly realize special wishes of your customers for different occasions, without much effort. With a Ghost Bundle including White Toner, personal guest cards, decorations and more for weddings, Christmas parties or company celebrations can be realized without any special knowledge.

Already with a low investment of less than 1000 Euro and low printing costs per page you can start with white printing – ideal for small businesses, self-employed & private persons.

There are no more waiting times and no slow communication with the printer. You can easily print the articles yourself in the quantity discussed. This does not require a complex and professional printing system or studies in graphic design.

White Toner Transfer is easy to learn and simple to implement in your everyday planning. Within minutes you can produce individualized invitations, glasses, shirts and more.

The advantages of Ghost White Toner printing

White print can be used for any event: for example, weddings, trade fairs, galas, a business events.
It emphasizes the individual frame design of the event.
You can quickly and easily implement the special wishes of your customers.
A wide variety of materials can be printed by yourself.
White printing with Ghost is fast and cost-effective.
You can easily create single pieces and small editions.
No complex software is required for printing preparation.

Insert Ghost White Toner and start printing

You don’t need any special software for Ghost. Just create your file in your usual design software and export it as a PDF. If you want to print on colored paper or a Transfer Foil, replace the black cartridge in your laser printer with the white one. It can be a Ghost printer, but also many other laser printer models are suitable for this. Now print everything that is black on the screen in white. If you want to print on other materials, the Toner Transfer is suitable. For this you need a Transfer Press and Transfer Foils. You print the motif mirror-inverted on the Transfer Foil. With pressure and heat, it is then transferred to materials such as T-shirts, cardboard, ceramics, glass, fabric or wood.

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