White Toner Transfer on Fabrics, Textiles, T-Shirts

Simple and inexpensive way for businesses like printers/copiers, t-shirt shops, screen printers and others to decorate all types of garments and promotional items.

White Toner Print on (almost) everything!

Double pass printing with Ghost White and CMYK toner.

In this video we show you how to create a double pass motif for textile printing with the help of Canva and show you the whole process until the finished textile.

White printing on dark textiles

That’s how you do it:

Printing and pressing a full-color image or photograph onto a t-shirt using laser printed heat transfers is a simple and inexpensive way for businesses like printers/copiers, t-shirt shops, screen printers and others to decorate all types of garments and promotional items.

Printing on dark garments has always been a challenge.

The White Toner printers and White Toners from Ghost remove the last barrier in creativity and design.

Quick and Easy

For transferring toner to fabrics, you need an A-Foil and the B-Paper. Create your designs with any software of your choice and print a mirror image of your design in white or any other color you like (CMYK) on the A-Foil.

Preheat the transfer press. Place the B-Paper with the coated side facing down on top of the A-Foil. The A-Foil must be placed on the lower plate of the transfer press. The B-Paper can be cut smaller to prevent the press from soiling.
Proceed according to our introduction and separate foil and paper after the pressing procedure. Then place the fabric on the press, position the design, cover the foil with a sheet of baking paper and press it again. And that’s it. Let the fabric cool down, then remove the foil slowly and carefully. For achieving a higher washing resistance repeat the pressing procedure. We will provide you with a detailed instruction if requested.
Just give us a call or send us an email.

Ghost does not require any special software. Just use the software you are familiar with (e. g. InDesign) to create your designs. If the White Toner is inserted into your printer, everything displayed in black on your screen will be printed in white. Try out combining white toner with colored CMYK-prints: the results will be amazing.

Great result guaranteed!

Unleash your creativity and print your white designs on colored and even black fabrics. Combine brilliant razor-sharp white prints with vibrant colors – and convince yourself of the amazing results: that’s the Ghost effect. If you sell your crafts on an online marketplace: stand out from the mass of sellers and offer your customers unique products with white prints. All you need: a Ghost, a transfer press and transfer foil. You can get all the equipment in our online store.

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White Toner Transfer Benefits

Individual Designs

Create cool must-haves with no limitation. CMYK + White

Expand Your Product Range

Shirts, sweater, leather jackets or bags, no matter what: with Ghost and our transfer foils and papers you can transfer your prints and designs to all kinds of different materials.

Amazing Results

With Ghost you get high-quality prints with a good resistance to washing

Fair & Easy

Low purchase price and easy to operate: that’s Ghost!

No Cutting No Weeding

The times of cutting out transfer foil are over. Get a Ghost and toner transfer will be easy like never before

Time Saving

Ghost makes it easy to produce quickly – that saves you time & money

The advantages of Ghost White Toner printing

White print can be used for any event: for example, weddings, trade fairs, galas, a business events.
It emphasizes the individual frame design of the event.
You can quickly and easily implement the special wishes of your customers.
A wide variety of materials can be printed by yourself.
White printing with Ghost is fast and cost-effective.
You can easily create single pieces and small editions.
No complex software is required for printing preparation.

Insert Ghost White Toner and start printing

You don’t need any special software for Ghost. Just create your file in your usual design software and export it as a PDF. If you want to print on colored paper or a Transfer Foil, replace the black cartridge in your laser printer with the white one. It can be a Ghost printer, but also many other laser printer models are suitable for this. Now print everything that is black on the screen in white. If you want to print on other materials, the Toner Transfer is suitable. For this you need a Transfer Press and Transfer Foils. You print the motif mirror-inverted on the Transfer Foil. With pressure and heat, it is then transferred to materials such as T-shirts, cardboard, ceramics, glass, fabric or wood.

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