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White Toner Transfer for Everyone!

White Toner Transfer for Everyone!

White Toner Transfer printing on colored, black and even transparent paper, transfer your designs to other materials such as glass, wood and ceramics etc. There are no limits to your creativity.

Your start with Ghost White Toner Transfer

For ideas from s - xl
  • 31 In stock

    Little Ghost Bundle Vol. 4

    HP Color Laserjet M452nw
    Print White on T-Shirts, Mugs, Tiles, Bottles and more. Ghost White Toner is great to be used for White underprinting in customization of dark textiles. Of course you can also create and print outstanding cards, invitations and other printed matters with Ghost White Toner.
  • 21 In stock

    Big Ghost Bundle

    HP Color LaserjetPro CP5225dn
    Sometimes, great ideas need more space. The Big Ghost Bundle is our starter package for white toner laser printing in A3 (Ledger, B). It comprises: our Big Ghost printer (HP Color Laserjet Pro CP5225dn), one Ghost White Toner cartridge and one toner cartridge in cyan, magenta, yellow and black each.

How White Toner Transfer works?

Find out about Ghost White Toner Transfer

What is White Toner Transfer

White Toner Transfer is a very versatile way to create customized products such as T-Shirts, Workwear, Mugs, Bottles, Signs and more. With Toner Transfer the design or motif is printed with a laser printer on a sensitve coated media often called the A-Sheet or Transfer Sheet.

Laser printers use Toner which is an electromagnetic powder to create the image. Because of the characteristics of Toner it can be used in heat activated transfer.

After printing, a so called B-Sheet or Glue-Sheet is married to the A-Sheet using a heat transfer press. By heat and pressure a chemical reaction between the glue/adhesive on the B-Sheet and the Toner powder on the A-Sheet transfers the adhesive to the print.

This technology is commonly used to produce small to medium runs of T-Shirts, textiles and promotional Items. Read how Ghost White Toner Transfer work below.

Print a mirror image of your design

For White Toner Transfer you will print a mirror image of your design on the A-Foil, on the side with the matte finish. If you want to transfer a colored and white design, you have to print it in two steps. Firstly, insert the black toner cartridge and print all colored areas of your design. Secondly, insert the Ghost White Toner cartridge, resinsert the printed A-Foil and print all white areas of your design.

Connect and separate A foil and B paper

Having printed your design on the A-Foil, connect the A-Foil to the B-Paper using the heat transfer press. Preheat the press to approx. 160° C (320 ° F).
Place the A-Foil on the base plate of the press with the printed side facing upwards. Cover it with the B-Paper, coated side facing downwards. Place a few sheets of copy paper on top of the B-Paper and initiate the pressing procedure. Press the A-Foil and the B-Paper together for approx. 2 minutes.

Separate the B-Paper from the A-Foil directly after the pressing procedure. They must be separated without lifting them from the heated base plate to ensure a complete transfer of the adhesive. Note that once the papers have cooled down too much they cannot be neatly separated from each other.

Transfer your design to fabrics etc.

Place a piece of fabric or other material of your choice on the base plate.
Position the A-Foil with your design, print facing downwards, on the fabric and cover it with a Matt Finish Paper. Press it together at 160° C (320 ° F) for approx. 30 seconds.

Finishing and fixing of the toner

Let the fabric cool down completely before removing the A-Foil.

After removing the A-Foil, place a sheet of Matt or Glossy Finish Paper on the fabric and press it again for 15 seconds. Thus, you fix the print to the fabric, make it resistant to washing and give it a matte finish.

Transfer to Everything

Find out about the endless possibilities with Toner Transfer
  • Cotton
  • Ceramics
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Models
  • Felt
  • Jeans
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • Textiles

Find your Ghost White Toner

Just search for your printer and find the right toner
  • coffee mug individually designed ghost white toner

    DIY! Design your own coffe mugs with Ghost White Toner.

  • individually designed emaille cup and stainless steel bottle with white toner

    Make your outdoor trips even more unique with individually designed accessories thanks to the Ghost Wihte Toner.

  • Felt bag with wihte printed lettering

    Stand out with impressive motives on bags of different kinds!

  • Gin Calendar with White Toner print

    Create unique calendars with different themes!

  • greeting cards design and lettering with white toner print

    More space for your individual designs - create your own greeting cards with Ghost White Toner!

  • black bottle for gin with white toner printed lettering

    Print your own label or personalised design on different bottles – ideal for gifts!

  • Cotton bag with white-colored motif printed and transferred on A-Foil

    Cotton bag with white-colored motif printed and transferred on A-Foil

  • tshirt safari and africa design with white toner print

    Design your own colourful t-shirts, hoodies and more with white toner print!

Ghost White Toner Benefits

Count the benefits of Ghost White Toner
  • checkbox-icon fuchsia

    No cutting! No Weeding!

    Forget about hours of weeding and cutting heat transfer vinyl. With White Toner Transfer you only apply what you printed.

  • checkbox-icon fuchsia

    Cost-effective production

    Low investment and low production cost compared to other techniques such as screen printing. Perfect for small scale productions

  • checkbox-icon fuchsia

    Quick and easy transfer

    Toner Transfer is a very easy to learn craft that is reliable and saves you time

  • checkbox-icon fuchsia

    Applicable to all kinds of materials

    Unlike conventional fabric printing, toner transfer enables you to transfer your prints not only to fabrics but also to ceramics, glass, metal, wood and more

  • checkbox-icon fuchsia

    Vibrant colours

    Achieve high-resolution prints in vibrant colours and a brilliant white with laser technology. Razor sharp and opaque results guaranteed

  • checkbox-icon fuchsia

    Washing-resistant prints

    All prints are resistant to washing at 30° C (cold wash). Best is to wash inside-out and hang to dry. No tumble dry! Impres your customers with durable products.

Start with low cost white toner printing now!

This is what you need to print on everything from T-Shirts to Mugs.
  • 31 In stock

    Little Ghost Bundle Vol. 4

    Print White on T-Shirts, Mugs, Tiles, Bottles and more. Ghost White Toner is great to be used for White underprinting in customization of dark textiles. Of course you can also create and print outstanding cards, invitations and other printed matters with Ghost White Toner.
  • 80 In stock

    38x38 Transfer Press

    For everyone with medium-sized designs to transfer, the Auto Clam 38 heat press with its 38 x 38 cm coated heat plate is perfect. Use this heat press to apply your unique designs to t-shirts, football shirts, hoodies, bags and an endless variety of textiles and other materials.
  • 96 In stock


    Our Mug Heat Press is the perfect tool to personalize mugs, bottles and much more. This simple but solid mug press has a broad range of applications and is easy to operate also for toner transfer beginners.
  • 94 In stock

    Little Ghost Bundle Vol. 4 + Ghost color toner-Set

    Our fourth starter package for high-quality White printing in A4. With integrated WiFi connection. The Bundle comprises the printer incl. HP starter toner (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and the Ghost White Toner cartridge. You also get our Ghost colour toner set with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black toner.
  • 534 In stock

    Laser-Dark (No-Cut) A-Foil Finishing A4

    Laser-Dark (No-Cut) A Foil enables you to transfer white and colored prints and designs up to a format of A4 to all kinds of materials.
  • 515 In stock

    Laser-Dark (No-Cut) B-Paper A4

    The B paper permanently glues the print to the surface. White and colored toner prints on fabrics and other materials are highly resistant to washing and very durable.

Toner transfer on textiles, hard surfaces and more

With Toner Transfer you can print on many different materials such as textiles, hard surfaces and other materials. To do this, you print your designs on transfer paper and transfer them to your blank on the transfer press. Toner transfer is often used to make small runs of personalized T-shirts, mugs, bottles, custom workwear or merchandise items such as bags and gifts. Compared to other technologies, toner transfer does not require investment in special equipment. You can easily print your designs with the laser printer. With the help of self-weeding transfer papers, the print can then be quickly and cleanly transferred to the desired product.

T-shirt printing with no-weeding and no-cutting

Technologies such as flex films or vinyl transfer films require complex cutting out and weeding of the motifs before they can be transferred to the textile. Multicoloured motifs are often only possible in several work steps. With toner transfer, these steps are no longer necessary. You can simply print your motives on a transfer foil and then connect them on the transfer press with a B-Paper. During this process, your design is automatically weeded. The B-paper contains an adhesive that will later bond your design to the textile. This adhesive is activated under pressure and heat only where your printed image is. This way, only the print is transferred to your product. Now you can simply transfer your design to the desired surface.

Print on dark surfaces thanks to white toner transfer

With the Ghost White Toner, a white toner cartridge for laser printers it is now also possible to transfer to dark surfaces. Normally white ink is not printable on conventional laser printers because the printers are equipped with black, cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges only. For example, if you want to create a black page with a white text, the entire printing area is filled with black and the white area on the paper is left blank. This leads to high printing costs. It would be easier to print white directly on a coloured (black) paper. The same problem exists in toner transfer. Since white is not available as printing ink, motifs cannot be transferred to dark textiles. The colour rendering would be distorted by the dark background of the textile. Ghost White Toner solves this problem. You can print white with a Ghost White toner cartridge for your laser printer. Just put the Ghost White toner in your laser printer instead of the black toner cartridge. Now everything that is displayed on the screen in black is printed in white. So you can print on dark and colored papers with white and use any paper suitable for your printer. You can also transfer the white print with toner transfer to dark textiles and other materials. You can now also transfer colored designs to dark textiles by using Ghost White Toner to print a white background over your design. This ensures that the colours are displayed correctly even on dark backgrounds.


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