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White printing for coloured paper, textiles and more!

Individual print products with white on coloured backgrounds that inspire your customers.

Textiles, cards, cups and more

Use Ghost to offer new services and products in your copy shop. Ghost prints different materials with white toner and the colours: cyan, magenta and yellow. Whether transfer foil printing for T-shirts, other textiles or materials, printing invitations or cards. All this is possible with Ghost. Be the copy or print shop in your city that identifies with Ghost and can offer its customers special printed matter that nobody else has.

White printer for copy-, printshops and gift articles

Design freedom with CMYK+White Toner
Green cotton shirt with White Toner printed design

Gain the pole position and be the expert for white printing of your city.

Produce shirts, bags, sweaters and much more with white designs. Your customers want cool individualized shirts for a special occasion like a bachelor or graduation party?
With Ghost you can realize small scale productions easy and cost-effective and make a lasting impression on your customers.
Create beautiful coffee mugs and other gifts with spectacular designs. Print white toner on colored, black or uncoated paper for impressive and exclusive invitations for weddings, birthday parties and business events. Whatever it is: with Ghost you get amazingly brilliant and sharp prints on all kinds of materials. Your customers will surely be impressed by your new portfolio of products.

Quick, Easy and Cost-Effective

Printing with Ghost is as easy and uncomplicated as it can get.
Compared to other printers, Ghost does not require any special software. That means no additional costs for software and training. Use the equipment you already have and your transfer press to additionally print white designs on dark fabrics. Just get a Ghost and you have a printer for all kinds of white printing applications.

With our Flex-Soft foils you can also transfer metallic and neon-colored designs to all kinds of materials. All transferred designs are resistant to machine washing at 40°C (104°F).

Versatile and varied

Ghost offers you versatile and varied possibilities to personalize your products. With the affordable Ghost Printer Bundles, getting started is easy.

Since all white printers are based on laser technology, it is possible to operate the device only from time to time. In addition you can also use the normal black toner at Ghost at any time and have so a completely normal laser printer for the office everyday life.

Start now!

All you need to start:
  • 44 In stock

    Little Ghost Bundle Vol. 4

    Print White on T-Shirts, Mugs, Tiles, Bottles and more. Ghost White Toner is great to be used for White underprinting in customization of dark textiles. Of course you can also create and print outstanding cards, invitations and other printed matters with Ghost White Toner.
  • 81 In stock

    38x38 Transfer Press

    For everyone with medium-sized designs to transfer, the Auto Clam 38 heat press with its 38 x 38 cm coated heat plate is perfect. Use this heat press to apply your unique designs to t-shirts, football shirts, hoodies, bags and an endless variety of textiles and other materials.
  • 561 In stock

    Laser-Dark (No-Cut) A-Foil Finishing A4

    Laser-Dark (No-Cut) A Foil enables you to transfer white and colored prints and designs up to a format of A4 to all kinds of materials.
  • 541 In stock

    Laser-Dark (No-Cut) B-Paper A4

    The B paper permanently glues the print to the surface. White and colored toner prints on fabrics and other materials are highly resistant to washing and very durable.
  • 96 In stock


    Our Mug Heat Press is the perfect tool to personalize mugs, bottles and much more. This simple but solid mug press has a broad range of applications and is easy to operate also for toner transfer beginners.
  • 934 In stock

    Multitrans A4

    Create great mugs, bottles, sings and more. Mutli-Trans transfers on any hard surface!

Your benefits

Ghost Benefits For Your White Printing Business
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    Low Price & Follow-Up Costs

    Purchase a Ghost printer and our White Toner at a fair price.

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    Quick & Easy

    Operating the Ghost printers and equipment is quite easy.

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    Be Creative

    Make all your design ideas come true and create unique prints with Ghost White Toner.

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    Be Unique

    Make white printing your unique selling point and stand out from other copy & print stores of your region.

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    Transfer Ghost White Toner to all kinds of materials.

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    No more cutting out transfer foil. This saves you time and, thus, money.

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  • Printer bundles

    Our printer bundles give you everything you need to start with white printing. Go ahead an create outstanding printing matter in white on colored papers.
  • Toner Supplies

    With Ghost White Toner supplies you’ll receive perfect prints page by page. Our supplies guarantee best printing quality and page yield for your printer. With our white toners your printer becomes a Ghost and enables you to print in white without any extra software. Get started with white printing.
  • Transfer material and press

    Get equipped for creating or selling great transfer products. Our transfer media and heat presses give you everything you need to start from scratch. Browse this category and start creating products like mugs, textiles bottles and more with white toner transfer.
  • Paper and stationary

    We love papers. All our paper and stationary has been hand selected by our team of designers. We only supply you with the very best papers from our partner Artoz Papier AG from switzerland.

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