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Laser-Dark (No-Cut) A-Foil Finishing A4

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For the production of individualized shirts, sweaters, bags, bottles and much more – fast and at low costs. Ghost White Toner combined with the Laser-Dark (No-Cut) A-Foil Finishing A4 gives you endless possibilities. Apply your white and colored designs to wood, glass, polyester, cotton, felt, nylon, leather and other fabrics or to metal, ceramics and glass. Toner transfer with our no-cut A Foil and B paper is easy and achieves excellent results. Just print a mirror image of your design on the A foil and press the foil onto the B paper. We will provide you with a detailed instruction and you get the best support of your life.

Toner foil laser dark for excellent printing results

You wish to equip your dark T-Shirt, metal, ceramic or glass with individual motifs, logos and patterns and use our Ghost-White-Toner and colors for that? Then firstly print the motif of your choice onto our laser transfer foils and then apply them in combination with B-paper to get the best possible results. The procedure is very easy and efficient since it does not limit individual creativity and therefore guarantees best results. The areas of application are numerous. Plus, we equip you with a selection of all necessary tools for it.

Easy application and handling of the transfer foil Laser Dark

The transfer foil Laser Dark is part of a so-called 2-sheet-system with which brilliant colors and a clear white of the White toners are transferred via HP laser printer – first on the foils and subsequently onto the object of your choice. Part of the transfer foil (A-foil) is the B-paper, which you can also purchase in our shop. But first, a step-by-step instruction of how to use the transfer foil Laser Dark:

First, design the image to be transferred on your computer. It can contain different colors and white areas as well, when our special white toners are included in the printing process. The created image or motif has to be mirror-inverted in the computer and is transferred this way onto the Laser Dark transfer foils using toners and HP laser printers. Then, the A-foil is pressed onto the B-paper. The B-paper amplifies the brilliance of the colors. The following transfer onto the object to be decorated lets the motif appear the right way, not mirror-inverted.

A dark T-shirt for example is being produced via transfer press at relatively low temperatures. This kind of application requires accuracy and a little practice, but the results will pay more than off. Thanks to this transfer process onto a shirt, the results are very long lasting and highly wash resistant. Cutting or weeding is not necessary with this method, since there won’t be an unwanted background. Therefore, one step in the procedure is omitted. Find further information on our website and in our video posts.

Our Ghost offers concerning transfer foils Laser Dark

We offer transfer foils Laser Dark in different sets. You can purchase 25, 50 or 100 pieces each. The sizes of our transfer foils are DIN A4 and DIN A3. Furthermore, you will find many more products of this kind in our product range, like glossy or matte paper, colored flex foils, the Laser Dark transfer foils in DIN A3 and of course the corresponding B-paper.

We also provide modern transfer presses for you to realize your ideas professionally or semi-professionally. We solely trust in presses and all supplies of highest quality and offer you a selection of different transfer presses concerning the size of the printing plate, weight and features. Depending on the planned undertaking, we are happy to give you information about the specific operating principles and properties. We invite you to roam around our product range and provide you with supplies and refilling options regarding toners, foils and paper.

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Brand Ghost
The B paper permanently glues the print to the surface. White and colored toner prints on fabrics and other materials are highly resistant to washing and very durable.
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