High quality transfer foils for Ghost-White-Toner

Printable transfer films for toner transfer are available from us for all conceivable applications with the laser printer. In the sizes A4 or A3 they are suitable for the transfer of black and the classic toner colours magenta, cyan and yellow as well as our special Ghost White Toner. Find out how and for what applications the films are used.

Our two-sheet system is perfect for transfers on textiles, cotton, polyester and mixed fabrics. You can also find media for a matt or glossy finish. You can also find Flex-Soft (no-cut) foils in many special colours such as gold, silver and metallic to realize your creative ideas. Solid surfaces like mugs can be refined and printed with Multitrans. In the field of transfer films our range is completed with laser tattoo paper and DECAL papers.

Discover our High quality transfer foils for Ghost-White-Toner

Transfer foils for textile printing

For T-shirts, hoddies, cotton, polyester and more

Our self weeding transfer films are perfectly suited for many different materials. Due to low temperatures even sensitive textiles such as silk or leather can be printed. It is a simple 2-sheet system: you print on the A-foil and then press it together with the B-paper. After separating the A-foil and the B-paper you can transfer your design directly to the textile. All films work great with laser printers. For many laser printers there is also our White Toner for printing on dark textiles.

Transfer foils for printing in Gold, Silver and Metallic colours on textiles

For T-shirts, hoddies, cotton, polyester and many different materials!

Give your designs on t-shirts, hoodies, bags and other products special effects like neon, silver or gold. With Flex-Soft (no-cut) self-weeding transfer films, you can print a variety of effect colors in metallic and regular colors. Flex-Soft films are printed with the laser printer and then pressed with the B-paper. This eliminates tiresome weeding. The ideal alternative to vinyl foils. Especially suitable for detailed single-colour designs in special colours.

Please note that the Flex Soft foils can only be used in combination with the B-Paper Pro!

Transfer foils for hard surfaces

For mugs, bottles, glasses, mirrors and more!

Design individual mugs, glasses, drinking bottles and other hard surfaces. With Multitrans paper it is possible to print a wide range of solid surfaces in one step. Multitrans is printed either in colour for transfer to light materials or with Ghost White Toner for transfer to dark surfaces. The design can then be transferred in just three minutes using a transfer press or mug press. Multitrans works with all laser printers and is also available as a single-colour spot colour in gold or silver.

Transfer foils for different surfaces without transfer press

For tattoos, model making, wood, and more!

Some substrates are simply not suitable for printing in the transfer press. Some are uneven or do not fit into a transfer press (e.g. model cars or musical instruments) and others are not heat resistant (e.g. skin). With our decal films you can create perfect prints with white toner and in colour which can be applied to model cars and other objects. Our Laser Tattoo Paper allows you to easily create temporary tattoos for application on the skin or other sensitive surfaces such as musical instruments. Tattoos are perfect for events, kindergartens, parties and sporting events.

Transfer foils to transfer your desired motif

The transfer foils we offer are not only available in different sizes and types, for example with certain effects. They are also suitable for the use of our own developed white toner and allow even more individual design possibilities on a small or large scale.

Ghost White Toner

White printing for everyone

Using white toner cartridges, you can now print on dark, colored or transparent material to create unique designs that are made to impress.

Sublimation Printing with Ghost Sublime Toner on white Pillow with flower pattern

Ghost Sublime Toner

Easy-to-use sublimation printing

With innovative sublimation toner cartridges, you can print high-quality, full color motifs on polyester-based textiles.

card lettering design printed with glow-in-the-dark neon toner

Ghost Neon Toner

Impressive fluorescent printing

Using neon toner cartridges that react to black light, you can now print colorful fluorescent designs on paper and cotton textiles.

Transferring photos, patterns and logos via transfer foils – step by step

If you want to print a sweater with a particular motif, using toner transfer is not a one-step-process, but needs an intermediate step. The photo is transferred to the transfer foil (A-foil) using the HP-Color-LaserJet-Pro-Printer, which is then connected to the so-called carrier paper (B-Paper). Subsequently, the object is adorned according to your wishes. As an alternative to this two-step-process, you can use one-step-paper. However, the first option generally leads to superior results.

For the transfer process you need a transfer press that merges the motif to the material using heat and pressure. Depending on preference, you can also achieve matte or glossy surfaces via post-treatment on textiles. Additional effects such as glitter or neon colors are possible as well – we will explain this later in our section on transfer foils.

The described process for using transfer foils is relatively economical. It allows efficient working speed for medium quantities as well as for individual items. Apart from private use, you can also create a large number of creative items in the field of advertising.

Tips for using transfer foils und White Toner

Keep in mind that all motifs and logos are created back-to-front on the computer. When transferring them to the final surface, they are flipped again and visualized correctly. The same applies to the White Toner, our special offer.

When using our White Toner you can also transfer white areas that would otherwise stay “empty” to your transfer foils.

For this, you proceed as follows:

  1. Print your photo – white areas remain colorless.
  2. Exchange the black toner for White Toner by Ghost.
  3. Re-insert the transfer foil.
  4. All black areas are displayed as white so that they are not considered in the printing process.
  5. All areas that are to turn out white are displayed as black – and printed white by using the White Toner.
  6. Select grey print so that only the Withe Toner is used.
  7. In the second printing, you will get your completed pattern including the white color.

Now you can transfer your motif from the transfer foil to your T-shirt or your sweater.

Our selection of transfer foils and further White-Toner accessories

This process as well as designing your samples and textiles are manifold and require specific transfer foils depending on the surfaces and effects. Classical sizes of our transfer foils are A4 and A3, with the former being a typical size used on T-shirts. Whether a final result is glossy or matte largely depends on the post-treatment and the paper used. We offer you a selection of Glossy-Finish- and Matte-Finish-Economy paper.

Wide selection of transfer foils, B-paper and Multitrans foils:

  • FLEX Soft color and metallic
  • FLEX Soft neon colors
  • Antistick gloss effects or matte finish
  • Multitrans multi-color or metallic
  • DECAL-foil for uneven surfaces
  • Laser-Dark A-Foil
  • Laser-Dark B-Paper
  • Laser-Tattoo-Paper (water-proof and and skin-tolerant)
  • sizes A4 or A3
  • quantities: 25, 50, 100, 200 or 250

Our Flex-Soft foils are available many various colors and can also be purchased in metallic versions. A further selections enables you to create neon colors in orange, pink and yellow. In our portfolio, you find A-foil for white products as well as B-foil in different quantities ranging from 25 up to 250. Multitrans foils are used for printing on hard surfaces such as metal, ceramics and magnetic foil as well as wood and acrylic glass.

Take a look around our other categories and discover the transfer presses and our popular printer bundles, Ghost White toners, color toner and much more.

Transfer foils

Fancy creative print projects? Then you've come to the right place! Here you'll find the craziest transfer films that will give your designs the absolute wow effect.

What makes our transfer films so awesome?

Our foils are not only super robust, they also make the colors really pop. Whether you want to print on T-shirts, bags or other items, our foils turn every project into a professional highlight.

And do you know what's really cool? Our Ghost White Toner! You can now even use it to print white motifs on dark items. Yeah, you heard right - there are no more limits to your creativity!

Here are the highlights again:

Top quality: Our films can take a beating and the colors are awesome.
Can be used anywhere: Whether fabric, ceramics or other materials - our films can do it all.
Ghost White Toner: White motifs on dark objects? Easy peasy with our Ghost White Toner.
Professional results: Your print project is guaranteed to rock with our films!
Fancy more?

Then take a closer look at our website! Do you have any questions? Keep them coming! We are always at your disposal. So, what are you waiting for? Start your next printing project now with the hottest transfer films from Ghost!

Transfer paper
Do you want to give free rein to your creativity and transfer your designs to different surfaces? Then transfer paper with Ghost White Toner is just the thing for you!

Transfer paper is a versatile material that allows you to transfer your favorite motifs and designs to different surfaces such as textiles, ceramics, wood and even metal. With Ghost White Toner, a special white toner powder, you can achieve particularly impressive results.

Why is Ghost White Toner so special? Well, this innovative toner provides excellent coverage and color intensity, even on dark or colored materials. Your designs will come to life and literally shine on the transfer paper.

The best thing is that you can not only create high-quality prints with transfer paper and Ghost White toner, but also implement complex designs and details with ease. Whether you want to print T-shirts for your own fashion label, design individual gifts or embellish your home with unique decorations - transfer paper with Ghost White Toner makes it possible.

And the best thing about it? Transfer paper with Ghost White Toner is easy to use. All you need is a laser printer, the transfer paper and your creativity. Print your design on the transfer paper, transfer it to your desired surface using a transfer press or iron and voilà - your individual creations are ready to be admired!

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the world of transfer paper and discover the endless possibilities offered by Ghost White Toner. Let your creativity flow and create impressive designs that are guaranteed to attract attention!

Discover the magic of textile transfer film with Ghost White Toner!
Want to give your textiles an individual touch? Then textile transfer film is the answer! Ghost White Toner makes this technology even easier and more effective.

What is textile transfer film? This innovative solution allows you to transfer high-quality designs, logos or even photos onto textiles. Whether T-shirts, hoodies or bags - there are no limits to your creativity with textile transfer film.

The key to the perfect result lies in the Ghost White Toner. This special toner provides a brilliant, white base on which your designs stand out particularly well. Whether on dark or light-colored fabrics, the Ghost White Toner guarantees a professional and long-lasting result.

Why textile transfer film with Ghost White Toner?

High quality: Our transfer films and Ghost White Toner have been specially developed for use on textiles to ensure a first-class result.
Easy to use: With our transfer film and Ghost White Toner, you can transfer your designs to your textiles quickly and easily. No complicated printer settings or special knowledge required!
Versatility: Whether you are a company that produces personalized promotional gifts or simply want to customize your own garments, textile transfer film with Ghost White Toner is the ideal solution.
Durability: Our transfer films and Ghost White Toner offer excellent durability, so your designs will remain bright and colorfast even after many washes.
Discover the possibilities of textile transfer film with Ghost White Toner now and give your textiles a unique look!

Iron-on foil for printing
Welcome to our range of high-quality iron-on transfer film for printing!

Want to bring your creative ideas to life on textiles? Our iron-on film is the perfect solution for you! Whether you want to design individual T-shirts, bags or other textiles - our iron-on film will make your project a breeze.

Our iron-on film is particularly versatile and is suitable for various printing techniques. But that's not all! By using Ghost White Toner, you can achieve unique, professional results with brilliant colors and razor-sharp details.

Why our iron-on film?

High quality: Our iron-on film is made from durable materials that are easy to transfer to textiles and retain their color intensity even after repeated washing.
Easy to use: Thanks to the simple handling, you can transfer your designs to your favorite textiles in no time at all. Simply follow our instructions and you're ready to show off your creations.
Wide range of colors: Our iron-on film is available in a wide range of colors, so you can let your creativity run wild. Whether bright colors or subtle shades - you are guaranteed to find the right color for your project.
Environmentally friendly: We attach great importance to sustainability and environmental protection. That's why our iron-on film is free from harmful chemicals and produced in an environmentally friendly way.
Discover our large selection of iron-on film now and start your next printing project today! If you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

Find out more
Want to express your creativity on T-shirts, ceramics, glass or wood? Then transfer film is your solution! With transfer foils for plotters, you can easily create individual designs and transfer them to a wide variety of surfaces.

Our T-shirt transfer foils allow you to apply unique designs directly to your favorite items of clothing. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, our high-quality iron-on T-shirt film guarantees you a first-class result. With the option to print transfer films, you have endless design possibilities.

Would you like to transfer your creations to other materials? No problem! Our iron-on transfer papers are not only suitable for textiles, but also for ceramics, glass and wood. Give your projects a personal touch and implement your ideas with the help of our iron-on foils.

Have you heard of Ghost White Toner? This innovative printing process makes it possible to print white designs on dark materials, making your creations even more versatile. Combine Ghost White Toner with our transfer films for impressive results!

Do you need transfer foils for ceramics, glass or wood? We offer a variety of options to ensure your projects turn out perfectly. Our transfer paper for wood ensures that your designs look great on this natural material.

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the world of transfer foils and create works of art that inspire! Visit our store to buy transfer foils, iron-on foils and everything you need for your creative projects.

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