Yellow Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTY506L


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Yellow Toner suitable for Samsung CLP 680/DW/ND, CLX 6260FD/FR/FW/ND. With one cartridge, you can print around 3500 pages. Opaque and razor-sharp yellow prints.

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Brighten Your Prints with Yellow Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTY506L

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of color printing with the Yellow Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTY506L. Designed to deliver exceptional print quality and reliability, this yellow toner cartridge from Ghost White Toner ensures your printing needs are met with precision and professionalism.

Unleashing the Power of Color

Our Yellow Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTY506L is not just any typical yellow toner. It is a testament to Ghost’s commitment to providing high-quality printing solutions. With an impressive page yield of approximately 3,500 pages, it guarantees to deliver bright and razor-sharp yellow prints, enhancing the visual appeal of your printed materials.

Versatile Applications

The Yellow Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTY506L is your perfect ally for a wide range of creative projects. Whether you’re printing on paper with a special texture or surface or creating designs on unique materials like wood, glass, ceramics, or metal, this toner ensures vibrant colors and excellent print quality. It’s also perfect for textile printing on items such as T-shirts, sweaters, and bags, offering you endless possibilities to expand your creativity and product portfolio.

Your Printing Partner

Choosing our Yellow Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTY506L means you’re investing in quality and reliability. We ensure high-quality prints according to ISO/IEC 19752 standards, and we back our product with a full warranty. Our yellow toner is perfect for white printing and transfer media, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking to elevate their printing capabilities.

Compatibility and Convenience

Designed for seamless compatibility, the Yellow Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTY506L works flawlessly with a range of Samsung printers including Samsung CLP-680, CLP-680 DW, CLP-680 ND, CLX-6260 FD, CLX-6260 FR, CLX-6260 FW, and CLX-6260 ND.

In addition, for a complete printing solution, you can pair this yellow toner with our Black Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTK506L, Cyan Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTC506L, Magenta Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTM506L, and White Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTK506L. For those interested in dark transfers, consider our Laser-Dark (No-Cut) A-Foil Finishing A4 for optimal results.

At Ghost White Toner, we believe in the power of color. Our Yellow Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTY506L is more than just a product; it’s a tool to unlock your creativity, enhance your printing experience, and bring your ideas to life. Embrace the world of color with Ghost!

List of compatible printers

  • Samsung CLP 680
  • Samsung CLP 680DW
  • Samsung CLP 680ND
  • Samsung CLX 6260FD
  • Samsung CLX 6260FR
  • Samsung CLX 6260FW
  • Samsung CLX 6260ND

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Compatible printers Samsung CLP 680, Samsung CLP 680DW, Samsung CLP 680ND, Samsung CLX 6260FD, Samsung CLX 6260FR, Samsung CLX 6260FW, Samsung CLX 6260ND, Samsung
Brand Ghost

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Unlimited possibilities

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(83.19  netto)

All prices with 19% MwSt. plus shipping cost

Availability: 99 in stock

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