Cyan Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTC506L


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Cyan Toner suitable for Samsung CLP 680/DW/ND, CLX 6260FD/FR/FW/ND. With one cartridge, you can print around 3500 pages with opaque and razor-sharp cyan prints.

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Unleash Creative Freedom with Cyan Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTC506L

The world of printing gets a vibrant splash of color with the Cyan Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTC506L. Designed specifically for Samsung CLP and CLX series, this cyan toner cartridge enables you to make a bold and eye-catching statement in print.

The Power of Cyan

The Cyan Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTC506L brings a unique hue to your printing palette. With this cartridge, you can print up to 3500 pages of bright, razor-sharp cyan prints, transforming your ideas into tangible, colorful creations.

Features and Performance

This cyan toner is perfect for all papers used in laser printing, even those with a more demanding surface. When used in combination with various transfer materials, it allows you to print your designs on a variety of surfaces including wood, glass, ceramics, metal, and textiles like felt. Imagine the possibilities!

Creative Applications

From business cards and promotional materials to personalized gifts such as coffee mugs and t-shirts, the Cyan Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTC506L infuses your designs with a vibrant cyan hue that pops. Stand out from the crowd and let your creativity shine!

Why Choose Cyan Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTC506L?

This toner cartridge offers high-quality prints and a page yield according to ISO/IEC 19752, guaranteeing you quality and reliability. You also enjoy a full warranty and the assurance that it is perfect for white printing and transfer media.


The Cyan Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTC506L is suitable for the following Samsung models:

  • Samsung CLP-680
  • Samsung CLP-680 DW
  • Samsung CLP-680 ND
  • Samsung CLX-6260 FD
  • Samsung CLX-6260 FR
  • Samsung CLX-6260 FW
  • Samsung CLX-6260 ND

This toner cartridge pairs well with Black Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTK506L, Magenta Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTM506L, White Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTK506L, and Yellow Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTY506L for complete color printing.

Unleash your creativity with Cyan Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTC506L. Discover the difference a touch of cyan can make!

List of compatible printers

  • Samsung CLP 680
  • Samsung CLP 680DW
  • Samsung CLP 680ND
  • Samsung CLX 6260FD
  • Samsung CLX 6260FR
  • Samsung CLX 6260FW
  • Samsung CLX 6260ND

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Compatible printers Samsung CLP 680, Samsung CLP 680DW, Samsung CLP 680ND, Samsung CLX 6260FD, Samsung CLX 6260FR, Samsung CLX 6260FW, Samsung CLX 6260ND, Samsung
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Cyan Toner Samsung CLP-680 mit VerpackungCyan Toner Samsung CLP-680 / CLTC506L


(83.19  netto)

All prices with 19% MwSt. plus shipping cost

Availability: 98 in stock

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