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Printing in A3 on dark textiles. Toner Transfer with Ghost is perfect for small runs of workwear and clothing such as aprons, chefs outfits, staff outfits, shopping bags, sportswear, promotional fashion and customer textile gifts. In the following you will be shown all steps how it works.At the end you can watch the complete tutorial on YouTube .
Camping mugs made of tin or Emaille are very popular among campers, outdoor enthusiasts or just for home. With Ghost White toner, these can be easily customized. Typically, Emaille mugs are available in white with a sublimation layer that can be used with dye sublimation printers. Now with Ghost White Toner and our Multitrans Paper, designs can be easily transferred to any colored Emaille mug. This makes a great personalized gift as well as a fantastic accessory for your next…
Sublimation for laser printers Sublimation is a great way to customize different polyester coated substrates such as mugs, bottles, fabrics, keyrings, coasters and more. With Ghost Sublime Toner this technology which was previously only available on ink jet printers now becomes available on a laser printer! WunderBoard Sublimation Blanks WunderBoard HD Metal Photo Panels are designed to showcase fine art photo prints with superior brilliant colors and the highest dynamic range and best contrasts available via any printing method. In…
Learn how to prepare your files for white underprinting with Ghost. This makes it easier and more precise to create dark T-Shirts with colored prints.
Learn how to print really big T-Shirts with Big Ghost up to A3 using White Toner.
Check our latest tutorial on transferring special colors like gold, silver and other metallic colors to textiles. Flex-Soft (no-cut) Media and Ghost White Toner do the job!

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