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Transfer News: Tutorial make your own Coffee Mugs

Transfer News: Tutorial make your own Coffee Mugs

Multitrans Media and White Toner

With Multitrans and White Toner you can print cups, mugs and bottles as well as other solid materials. In this tutorial we’ll show you how easy it is!

This tutorial can also be found on YouTube.

Media & White Toner Settings

First you put the Multitrans foil with the empty side up into your White Toner printer, select your motive & click on print!

Make sure you have the right toner in the printer.

Always use Ghost toners for maximum print quality!

Find Ghost White Toner for your printer!

Press Settings

Next part, cut out your printed motif and fix it on the coffee mug with heat-resistant tape.
Preheat your mug press to 140 degrees.
For protection, place a thin silicone mat around the mug before closing your mug press.
After 3 minutes pressing time the mug is taken out and put aside for cooling.

Peeling under cold water

When the coffee mug is completely cooled, place or hold it under cold water.

Then peel the foil slowly and evenly from one side to the other.

The finishing touches

Your individual mug with White print is ready!
Now all you have to do is dry it off and fill it with coffee or other hot drinks!

Find the right media

Other possibilities

Besides coffee mugs you can also print other hard surfaces with the Multitrans foil.

The system is almost always the same.

For example glass or ceramic bottles.

Products used in this tutorial

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    Create great mugs, bottles, sings and more. Mutli-Trans transfers on any hard surface!
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