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Toner Transfer News: Printing on large Shirts with Ghost White Toner

Toner Transfer News: Printing on large Shirts with Ghost White Toner

Printing in A3 on dark textiles. Toner Transfer with Ghost is perfect for small runs of workwear and clothing such as aprons, chefs outfits, staff outfits, shopping bags, sportswear, promotional fashion and customer textile gifts. In the following you will be shown all steps how it works.
At the end you can watch the complete tutorial on YouTube .

How to print with White Toner on large Shirts

Installing the Ghost Black Toner + A-Foil

First the Ghost Black Toner is placed in an A3 compatible laser printer. Then place the A-Foil A3 in the multi-purpose tray.

Attention: If there is no black in the design, this step can be skipped.

Settings & printing part l

Print the colored motif first. Choose the settings “foil” or “transparency” for optimal fixation and always remember to print mirrored!

Using Ghost White Toner

Now it is time to replace the Black Toner with the Ghost White Toner.
The printer then initialises itself briefly and is then ready to start.

Find an compatible White Toner for your printer!

The next steps:

Printing Part ll

Now print the second part of your file in 100% black so that the design is printed in pure White behind it and fills the missing areas.

A & B Transfer

Now heat up your transfer press to 160 degrees. Fold the printed A-foil with the white side of the B-paper and place the duo on the press.
For protection, a few sheets of copy paper or Matt Finish Paper should be placed over it.
Then press for 2 minutes at 160 degrees.


After the 2 minutes, open the press and pull the B-Paper directly from the A-Foil evenly and separate it. Do this procedure in any case on the hot press to achieve an optimal result.

Pressing on a dark shirt

The finished transferred motif can now be placed on the dark textile. Cut off the foil at the edge to remove the adhesive residues.
Press for 30 seconds at 160 degrees.

Cool down & peeling

The textile and the foil must be completely cooled down. Now the foil can be removed carefully.

Last steps & result

For a better durability and the special effect, the textile has to go under the transfer press again for about 10 seconds. Always use the Matt Finish Paper.

Your textile is ready with extra large print in A3!

Required products

For the smart start with the Ghost White Toner on XXL Shirts
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    Sometimes, great ideas need more space. The Big Ghost Bundle is our starter package for white toner laser printing in A3 (Ledger, B). It comprises: our Big Ghost printer (HP Color Laserjet Pro CP5225), one Ghost White Toner cartridge and one toner cartridge in cyan, magenta, yellow and black each.
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    Laser-Dark (No-Cut) A Foil enables you to transfer white and colored prints and designs up to a format of A3 to all kinds of materials.
  • 877 In stock
    Laser-Dark (No-Cut) B-Paper has a special coating and enables you to transfer your prints up to A3 format to all kinds of materials and surfaces. It is very thin and ensures a perfect adhesion of the print to the surface.

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