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White prints on colored or even black paper?
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The Power of Ghost

With the Ghost Bundle, there are no limits to your creativity. You can print brilliant and sharp white designs on colored, black and even transparent paper. The Ghost Bundle brings white toner on simply every paper suitable for laser printers. Create high-quality prints with a great tactile texture - easy and cost-effective. The Ghost Bundle offers you endless possibilities. You can print over white layers with color which gives your designs an even more unique look. You can transfer white toner to other materials such as glass, wood and ceramics, just to mention a few. Or print on fabrics and create unique high-quality shirts and other It-pieces.

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Our bundles

Get started with our specialized bundles. They even come in two sizes!

  • Little Ghost Bundle Vol. 2

    HP Laserjet Pro 200 M252w

    For ideas XS - M

    Our second starter package for high-quality white printing in A4. Now with integrated WiFi connection. The Bundle comprises: the printer, the Ghost White Toner cartridge as well as the original cartridges in black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Additionally, the Bundle includes a selection of exclusive high-quality uncoated and colored paper samples in A4 (Letter, A).

    499,00  * (419,33  netto)

  • Big Ghost Bundle

    HP Color Laserjet Pro CP5225dn

    For ideas L - XXL

    Sometimes, great ideas need more space. The Big Ghost Bundle is our starter package for white toner laser printing in A3 (Ledger, B). It comprises: our Big Ghost printer (HP Color Laserjet Pro CP5225dn), one Ghost White Toner cartridge and one toner cartridge in cyan, magenta, yellow and black each. Additionally, the Little Ghost Bundle includes samples of our exclusive high-quality uncoated and colored papers in A3.

    1.999,99  * (1.680,66  netto)

    69 in stock

For Agencies, Copy & Printing Stores and Fashion Designers

Samples and Prototypes with White Prints

You need to realize new projects and design ideas quick and easy? - Ghost is the solution! Print what you need when you need it in-house. There are no limits to your creativity. Create elegant and outstanding designs. Give business reports, brochures, labels, packaging and much more an individual look with precise and sharp white prints. The results will not only impress and convince you, but also your clients.

Impress your clients now!

Copy & Printing Stores: Make white printing your unique selling point and stand out from other businesses of your region.

Gain a competitive advantage by becoming a Ghost copy shop. Integrate white printing in your service portfolio and impress your customers with thrilling designs.
Ghost White Toner can be transferred to all kinds of materials such as fabrics and ceramics by using transfer foil. Combine white prints with dark or colored paper or create multi-colored prints. No matter what - the results will be amazing!

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New: White and Colored Prints on Dark Fabrics!

Transfer your designs to shirts, sweaters, bags and other items quick and easy. Brilliant white and vibrant colors even on dark fabrics - that’s the Ghost effect! Are you annoyed of cutting out foil? - Say bye to flex printing and get a Ghost. You only need a Ghost printer, a transfer press, the A foil and the B paper to apply your designs to all kinds of fabrics, even leather and silk.

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You want to get started with Ghost and already have a laser printer?

Find out here, if Ghost White Toner is available for your printer. Check here!

For Hobbyists, Store & Restaurant Owners and Model Makers

Do It Yourself: Homemade White Designs Printed on Colored Paper!

Unleash your creativity and surprise your family and friends with unique greeting cards, invitations and posters. Create individual gifts - at home and at low costs. Discover the world of Ghost and get inspired by the endless possibilities that white toner laser printing offers to you. The limit to your creativity will be the sky!

Get your Ghost now!

Be different: Create Outstanding Designs For Your Business!

You want to give your store or restaurant a cooler look and an even more individual touch?
- With Ghost you can do it! Realize all your ideas and innovative designs - quick and easy and in-house. Create individual and outstanding menus, labels and logos and much more with white color on elegant high-quality uncoated paper or colored and dark paper.

Enhance your menus and labels now!

Models Absolutely True to the Original!

Ghost offers you the unique opportunity to transfer brilliant and sharp white designs to your models - all at home, quick and easy. All you need are a Ghost printer and decal foils. Get new and amazing results even with white color using a familiar method. You get everything you need in our online store including the decal foils.

Enhance you models now!

Ghost White Toner has become an essential part of our daily business very quickly. It has never been so easy to produce impressive printed matters. We are specialized in fabric printing - here lies the true strength of the Ghost White Toner.

Peter Burmeister, Copyshop owner from Husum

From the idea to a finished product

Get creative with Ghost. Explore our shop categories

Printer bundles

Printer bundles

Our printer bundles give you everything you need to start with white printing. Go ahead an create outstanding printing matter in white on colored papers.

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Paper and stationary

Paper and stationary

We love papers. All our paper and stationary has been hand selected by our team of designers. We only supply you with the very best papers from our partner Artoz Papier AG from switzerland.

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Transfer material and press

Transfer material and press

Get equipped for creating or selling great transfer products. Our transfer media and heat presses give you everything you need to start from scratch. Browse this category and start creating products like mugs, textiles bottles and more with white toner transfer.

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