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Transfer material for various printing processes

Printing templates for toner transfer, sublimation printing and other transfers using a transfer press requires different transfer materials. Apart from toner or ink cartridges, these are mainly sheets and foils with specific properties.

The materials allow black and white prints, color prints, and a customized decoration such as metallic colors or a matte or gloss finish. Depending on the project you need either special paper, special foils or standard copy paper. For example, the two-sheet system uses an A-foil (A-Foil) and a B-paper (B-Paper) to achieve a very good result when transferring images and motifs to desired backgrounds.

Transfer material for toner transfer

Transfer films are printed with an inkjet or laser printer, depending on the type and purpose. We recommend the latter variant, as toners offer favourable conditions. Furthermore, with Ghost White toners you have additional options that are not possible with inkjet printers.

Print your desired motifs on transfer foils and transfer them onto a textile. For this purpose we offer you different foils like Laser Dark A-Foil and B-Papers like Laser Dark B-Paper. They are usually available in A4 or A5 at different quantities.

For an attractive finish you can use non-stick papers as glossy or matt with the transfer press. In this way you not only influence the look, but also the wash resistance positively. The special paper is used similarly to baking paper when the motifs for textile prints (iron-on pictures) are simply ironed on

For the transfer to certain surfaces like ceramics, glass, wood and even metal you need so-called multi-transfoils. These are perfect for designing hard surfaces and are available as transparent products or in special designs such as Gold Metallic. This extends your creative spectrum many times over.

Toner Transfer material alternatives for vinyl printing

Another printing variant is the so-called vinyl or flex printing, also called flock printing. It offers motifs with fewer colours and a special feel – for example on a jersey. The long-lasting results are high-quality and extremely popular, but require a little more effort. This is because you have to release or weed the printed films before transfer. This means manually removing all excess foil parts that do not belong to the motif. This step is superfluous for our films for the laser printer. Never weed again!

With Ghost’s flex films you can obtain films in different colours, in black and white as well as metallic colours that are self-weeding. With the A4 Flex Soft (no cut) Sample Pack Premium we offer you a complete set for many applications, which includes a manual as well as B-paper and finishing paper. Flex printing could not be easier! Be free to design textiles, cardboard, felt, ceramic and glass.

Flex foils are not only available in standard colours, black and metallic. The choice for individual solutions is huge – you can even use neon colours to achieve a special brilliance. Use for example neon yellow, neon pink and neon orange, which you can order from Ghost as A3 or A4 sheets. They are of course also self-weighing.

Transfer material for special cases

The variety of surfaces is impressive, which can now also be designed at home with relatively little effort. For various hobbies like handicrafts, painting and other creative processes you can use the printing techniques and transfer your own motives. While the variety of materials is variable, for a good result you should use flat surfaces. Especially in model making (cars, ships, buildings, railways) this is not always possible – but there are ways and means to do so.

Ghost offers a smart solution with its blue DECAL foilsDetailed lettering or machine samples can be printed on these carrier films. Simply cut out the motifs and place them in water for a short time. Now the foils can be detached from the blue backing paper and can be applied to the desired position on the model. After drying, the foils are hardly or not at all visible, but the logo, motif or picture decorates your model.

Ghost also offers you an easy solution for creating temporary tattoos with the Laser Tattoo Paper. These can be applied on the skin but also on many other surfaces. Laser Tattoo Paper can be removed easily from the skin and is ideal for parties, events, children and tattoo fans.

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