Laser Printing Transfer

Laser Printing Transfer The laser transfer printing is done in two steps. First, the design is printed onto the transfer foil with a laser printer and then transferred from the transfer foil to the T-shirt or other textiles using a transfer press. Laser printing by means of this transfer technique allows the printing of all colors. You […]

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T-shirt digital printing

T-shirt digital printing for photo motifs T-shirt digital printing is also called T-shirt direct printing or digital textile printing and is the most modern printing process. Digital printing is ideally suited for the representation of colour gradients and photo motifs. So you get long-lasting prints in vivid colours. A digital printer works similar to an inkjet printer, but instead of

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IPO principle

IPO principle: Input – Processing – Output The abbreviation IPO stands for Input – Processing – Output. These three steps describe the basic principle and sequence of data processing. From personal computers to smartphones, a wide variety of devices still work according to this principle. IPO: the individual steps at a glance Input In this

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The plotter print at a glance

The plotter print at a glance Plotter printing is a relatively general term that refers to various printing techniques in connection with the name-giving plotting. Plotting (from English to plot – “to draw”) means in practice as much as cutting and scribing. Different materials are suitable for plotting or require this type of processing. In

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Popular printer types

Popular printer types It is already difficult to give a precise designation when differentiating between printer equipment, as equipment can be classified according to several characteristics. For example, there are printers that print line by line while others expose the entire sheet, so-called page printers. LED printers and LED plotters also belong to the latter

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Textile Printing Wiki

Textile Printing Wiki In the field of modern printing of textiles & Co. there are different types, which are partly improved by technical innovations. In the following three of the most common processes from the field of transfer printing are presented. These transfer processes complement digital direct printing and the popular screen printing. Depending on the system, transfer printing

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Screen printing as an excellent printing method

Screen printing as an excellent printing method Screen printing is much more common in everyday life than you might think. The possibilities of this somewhat more complex process are enormous. With this printing technique textiles can be printed excellently, but also cardboard, paper, canvas and many other things. In the field of art, the technique has increasingly appeared

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