From model making to candle design: discover the variety and creative possibilities of decal foils

In a world driven by individuality and the do-it-yourself trend, Decal Foils from Ghost White Toner offer an innovative way to personalize your projects. These special foils allow you to transfer detailed prints onto a variety of surfaces, and when combined with Ghost White Toners, your creative possibilities expand even further.

The Versatility of Decal Foils

Decal foils, also known as water-slide decals, are renowned for their ultra-thin nature and ability to adhere to various surfaces. After printing and a water bath, you can transfer them onto your target object, where they become almost invisible once dry. This feature makes them ideal for applications where traditional stickers are too thick, such as in model building, restoration of items, or prototype construction.

Application in Model Building

Model builders appreciate Ghost White Toner Decal Foils for their ability to add intricate details and labels to their models. The ultra-thin, transparent foil adheres perfectly to uneven surfaces, making it ideal for the complex shapes of model trains, cars, or ships.

Creative Possibilities in Candle Design

Decal foils also open up new creative avenues in candle design. You can transfer custom designs, text, or images onto candles, making them perfect for special occasions or as personalized gifts. Imagine a candle adorned with a loving message, an anniversary date, or even a logo—all made possible with decal foils. This technique is especially popular for weddings, christenings, memorial candles, and holidays, as it adds a personal touch and deeper meaning.

Transfer to Uneven Surfaces

The flexibility of decal foils makes them ideal for objects with uneven surfaces. After transferring and drying, the foil becomes nearly invisible, allowing your design to stand out without affecting the texture of the object. This is particularly beneficial for restoring or personalizing items with complex surface structures.

Printing Process and Compatibility

In the realm of creative printing with decal foils, using Ghost White Toner opens up new horizons. Ghost White Toner’s decal foils are optimized for laser printing, allowing you to print white designs on dark or colored backgrounds. This greatly expands your design possibilities, as you are no longer limited to light backgrounds.

Challenges with Double Pass Printing

Double pass printing, where a design is printed with CMYK and white in two passes, presents a special challenge. Standard laser printers, like the Canon LBP633cdw from the Little Ghost Bundle, quickly reach their limits. Due to the individual offset of each printer, it is nearly impossible to register small designs accurately, leading to imprecise and messy results, especially for intricate designs.

The Ghost Pro Printer: The Ideal Solution

The Ghost Pro offers a professional solution for printing decal foils. Originally designed for stationery, it has also proven successful for customers creating decals. The Ghost Pro comes with White+CMY toner cartridges and produces a composite black from CMY. Thanks to special software and the fact that the white toner prints first, the Ghost Pro can print a white underlayer and then CMY in one pass. This is crucial for colored designs on transparent foils applied to colored backgrounds. Without the white base, the colors would be lost in the background and not achieve the desired brightness. The Ghost Pro printer allows you to create precise and professional decal designs.


Ghost White Toner and the Ghost Pro printer offer a professional solution for anyone working with decal foils. They expand printing possibilities, allowing you to stand out from traditional methods. With the right equipment, your creativity knows no bounds, and high-quality results are guaranteed.

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