Ghost White Toner: Revolution in Transfer Printing

Discover the limitless possibilities of Ghost White Toner, redefining creativity and bringing individuality to a variety of materials. In this article, we delve deep into the world of innovative White Toner printing and show you how to realize unique design projects with this technology.

Basics of Toner Transfer

Toner transfer is a printing process that has revolutionized the world of creative printing. Ghost White Toner is a masterpiece of this technology, enabling printing on almost any material – from textiles to ceramics, glass, and wood. The process for printing on textiles starts with printing your design on the matte side of a special A-foil. For colored motifs with CMYK+W, the CMYK toners are used first, followed by an overlay with white toner. After combining the A-foil with B-paper and a pressing process, the motif adheres to your desired surface and is even washable. Transfer foils are an essential component of this innovative process.

Advantages of Ghost White Toner

Ghost White Toner technology offers numerous advantages:

  • No cutting necessary, saving time and effort.
  • Low initial investment, ideal for small series.
  • Easy to use.
  • Applicable on a variety of materials.
  • Brilliant colors and high resolution.
  • Washable results.

White Toner Printing for Special Occasions

Whether for weddings, trade shows, or corporate events, Ghost White Toner makes it easy to personalize materials quickly and cost-effectively. Replacing the black toner with Ghost White Toner in a compatible laser printer allows printing on colored paper or transfer foil, making your projects even more unique.

Product Overview: Ghost Bundles

Ghost White Toner offers various Bundles tailored to different needs:

  • Little Ghost – NEW GENERATION: Perfect for small needs.
  • Big Ghost Bundle: Ideal for larger projects.
  • Ghost Pro / Ghost Pro X / Ghost Pro X Essential: For more professional demands.

Prices vary depending on the package and included components.

Applications and Customer Experiences

Customers are thrilled with the high quality and versatility of Ghost White Toner products. Applications range from candle making and coffee labeling to wedding stationery. Customer reviews emphasize the suitability of the toner for creative and professional design implementations.

Practical Tips for Printing with Ghost White Toner

For White printing, ensure that the printer outputs all black elements of your design in white when you insert the white cartridge. Set the printer settings to grayscale. In some cases, you may need to perform a double pass. This process involves creating two separate files: one for the white toner and another for the color toner. These files are then printed in two separate print runs to achieve the desired result.

Environmentally Friendly Printing

Ghost White Toner places importance on environmental protection and sustainability. Empty cartridges should be recycled, and eco-friendly paper should be used to minimize environmental impact.


Ghost White Toner is more than just a printer accessory – it’s a tool that pushes the boundaries of your creativity. Whether you run a small business or are a hobbyist, the ease of use and the diverse application possibilities of Ghost White Toner enable you to achieve impressive results and take your projects to the next level.

Are you ready to bring your designs to life in a new way? Then discover the world of Ghost White Toner now and start your next creative project.

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