White printing ink – to let your imagination run wild

Printing white on dark surfaces? Sounds impossible? But it’s not! Ghost White Toner is proof of it. We offer special white toner cartridges for exactly this kind of printing job – suitable for different printing methods direct printing to colored paper or transfer printing. Most of our offered white printing ink fits into different HP or Canon laser printers. We also do have toners for Lexmark, Atos and Wincor-Nixdorf models. The white print options open completely new ways and allow you to express yourself without limits due to the available printing possibilities.

You have a company selling a new soft drink in transparent glass bottles? Or do you want to print a slogan on dark textiles? White printing ink in toner cartridges enables you to realize almost endless printing projects you have in your mind. Let your imagination run wild!


White Toner for my Printer

Ghost manufactures toner for many different laser and home office printer. In this video we will show you how you can find the matching toner for your printer on our website or in our app. Visit our website, search your printer and order your Ghost White, Neon or Sublimation toner! https://www.ghost-white-toner.com/

Ink vs. Toner

To give you a better understanding we like to clarify the difference between ink and toner. Ink is a water based colored liquid in plastic tanks (so called ink cartridges) which is used by ink-jet printers. These printers spray the ink on the paper using a printhead. Ink printers are usually used as home, photo or small office printers.

The term ink is very often mistakenly used by users for toner cartridges. Ink Cartridges usually come in the colors Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and black (BK or K). Some specialized systems also have a White Ink Cartridge.

Toner cartridges are filled with a dry powder made from plastic (poly-raisin). This powder is filled in plastic tanks which often also have a developer roller and/or an OPC (Optic Photo Conductor). The whole unit is called Toner Cartridge. Toner Cartridges are used in laser printers forming the image by a photographic process with a laser or LED as light source. Laser printers are commonly used in offices, shops and other areas with higher printing output. Toner Cartridges are available in the colors Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and black (BK or K).

Most digital transfer printers use toner cartridges as these are laser printers. Ghost White Toner are Toner Cartridges with White Toner to be used in more than 700 different office and home laser printers.

Unique printed motifs

No matter if textile, metal, wood, glass or even leather, white printing toner in high quality brings whatever design on numerous surfaces. And it will stick. No unwanted surprises when, after a washing cycle, the printed motif crumbles off the textile or is washed away from the cup in the dishwasher. Ghost makes white toner instead of white printing ink. Toner is made to stay for a long time. And the best thing about that is, it doesn’t require unaffordable technology. Just switch the black or color toner cartridge in your laser printer with one of our white toners. And voila – the printing can begin!

Revolutionary white printing toner formulated by Ghost

The white printing toner from the rows of our product range is completely opaque and therefore even suitable for transparent surfaces like glass. White printing toner even helps to brighten other used colors from the CMYK color range – when used next to each other and especially when used as a base on translucent surfaces. It improves color rendering.

Dark or Black and White motifs appear with even more effect, when the opaque white printing is used for the light parts of the pattern. The white toners hold white colored powder containing magnetic metal oxides, which makes the change of the cartridges easy and doesn’t require any of cleaning afterwards.

Which printing techniques are suitable for white printing toner?

If you opt for a larger production of e.g., merchandise articles for your store or company, we recommend the screen-printing method. An undoubtedly popular variant is classic screen printing, which delivers high-quality and long-lasting results. Although there are now screen-printing options for smaller numbers of printed items, it is particularly useful for larger production volumes. Another method when printing with white ink is the offset-printing. This technique is common in the newspaper business and due to the machine size rather unsuited for domestic use. Also, because it is only possible to conduct on substrates like paper and cardboard.

Best for everyone just needing small production volumes, being creative as means of a hobby or when white printing on surfaces like textile or ceramics, the laser transfer print is the better option. White printing toner is suitable for many conventional laser printers – Ghost White Toner are innovative and the white toner of high quality and opaque. Important to know when working with white toners is that the laser printer must be tricked a little: first, put the white toner cartridge into your laser printer. On the computer, you then need to set the color black in those areas where you actually want to print in white color.

Printing white is not only possible on paper, cardboard and paperboard with the flexible white toners from Ghost, but also on many other materials thanks to toner transfer. Using two-sheet systems with A-foil and B-paper, you can print T-shirts, bags, hoodies and other textiles. How the transfer printing process via laser printer and transfer press is conducted, you can read here. Thanks to a step-by-step instruction even beginners can quickly create beautiful printing results on many substrates.

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