Create Wedding cards with our Ghost White Toner!

White toner is fantastic for printing all types of stationery and has become more and more popular over the years. With crisp and clear white printing, you can achieve an impressive and high-quality appearance on colored paper.

White Toner printing on cards, invitations and heavy paper

White toner is fantastic for printing all types of stationery. Use crisp and clear White Color to create stunning looks on colored paper. This video will take you into the world of white toner printing on stationary. Learn all about different paper settings, paper types and how to easily print with White Toner and Color.

Printing in white on colored paper wasn´t that easy before. At least not with a normal home office laser printer. A laser printer uses the four CMYK colors to produce the entire spectrum of printed colors, except white. The color white is created by the printer by using no color and leaving blank spaces. The white is actually just the background color of the white paper. When using colored paper, this effect is gone.

Now, there is Ghost White Toner for your laser printer! Keep on reading to see how you create amazing high-end invitations with our Ghost White Toner.

The “trick” of printing white

To print wedding invitations with white toner, you need to change your black toner for our Ghost White Toner. Don´t worry, no cleaning has to be done during the replacement, since toners contain a powder instead of a liquid.

Therefore, you can switch these anytime you want. Useful for when you want to change between projects.

With the changing of the black toner to the Ghost White Toner, we trick the laser printer into thinking it is printing black, but it is actually printing white!  An important detail to remember when making your design.

table decoration and wedding invitation cards printed with white toner

Creating invitations yourself with toner transfer in white!

Let your creativity go wild with our Ghost White Toner and create a beautiful wedding invitation design, exactly how you want it. Whether it will be modern and abstract or elegant and romantic. Your design options are endless.

Just make sure that, everything you want to be printed in white, you design in black.

A complete white design is best when you create a file with 100% black and print it in greyscale.

Next step is choosing your paper and placing this in the paper tray of printer. Make sure that you align it to the size of your paper and that you select the right printer settings that fit to your paper type, in case you use heavier or thicker paper.

Ready to print your own cards at home?

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