Creative White Toner from Ghost

Impress your friends and guests with great personalized invitations, greeting cards and personalized gifts. Creative White Toner from Ghost gives you endless possibilities. Be creative!

White Toner can be used perfectly for creative applications. Easily create your own printed materials at home that look so professional, no one will believe you printed them at home. Easy to do on your laser printer.

How easy it is to print with Creative White Toner

Be Creative with White Toner is easy: You just replace the black toner in your printer with a Creative White Toner from Ghost and everything that is displayed in black on the screen is printed in white.

Whether menus for the next family celebration or elegant placemats on cardboard – with white lettering and graphics, your prints are a real eye-catcher. You can let off steam creatively and use all kinds of paper. The toner adheres to many surfaces and is opaque and sharp.

Now there are no limits with Creative White toner printing.

But of course, you can do much more. You can even print on ceramics, wood, or metal. Our special toner transfer foils do not have to be cut out or glued on. The foils are printed directly with the laser printer and then processed on the transfer press.

White printing on various materials

With the A-Foil and the B-Paper you print textiles, wood, and other soft materials. This is a 2-sheet system. This means that you must print on the A-foil and then attach it to the B-paper on the transfer press. Here, heat and pressure activate an adhesive that transfers to the toner print. After separating the A & B paper, the design can then be printed on a kitchen towel or a T-shirt, for example.

With Multitrans or Multitrans Pro you have many more possibilities: Print on substrates such as stone, leather and other solid materials. Multitrans is very multifunctional and can be used with different temperatures and settings.

For delicate surfaces, we offer you great media like tattoo paper, water-slide foil and various stickers.

Original printing ideas from Ghost Ltd.

We are enthusiastically trying out different things with creative white printing by ourselves. Take a look at our YouTube channel, there we show our ideas and the results.

With our White Toner you can print right away. Here you can find a list of White Toner for your creative printing!

Ready for creative white printing?

Discover Ghost’s white toner printers.

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