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Laser-Dark (No-Cut) A-Foil Finishing A4

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Product Description

For the production of individualized shirts, sweaters, bags, bottles and much more – fast and at low costs. Ghost White Toner combined with the Laser-Dark (No-Cut) A-Foil Finishing A4 gives you endless possibilities. Apply your white and colored designs to wood, glass, polyester, cotton, felt, nylon, leather and other fabrics or to metal, ceramics and glass. Toner transfer with our no-cut A Foil and B paper is easy and achieves excellent results. Just print a mirror image of your design on the A foil and press the foil onto the B paper. We will provide you with a detailed instruction and you get the best support of your life.

Additional information

Weight 226 g

A4 (Letter, A)


25, 50, 100

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