Discover the perfect Ghost White Toner Printer Bundle for your creative projects

In a world where creativity and individuality are becoming increasingly important, Ghost White Toner offers innovative solutions to make your vision a reality. Our printer bundles are specially designed to print on a variety of materials – from color and black to transparent or transfer papers. With our products, you can take your creative projects to the next level, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro.

Entering the world of white toner printing: The Little Ghost – NEW GENERATION

The Little Ghost Bundle is your entry into the world of white toner printing. As our entry-level model, it offers a cost-effective solution for beginners or smaller printing jobs and is an affordable option to get you started in the world of white toner printing. This bundle is equipped with CMYK toners, which means you have all the standard colors available for full-color printing. For white printing, simply remove the black toner and insert the white toner. Everything that is 100% black in your design will then be printed in brilliant white. This simple adjustment allows you to print on dark or colored papers up to 200 g/m² and opens up new creative possibilities. What’s more, with the right transfer papers, you can print on a variety of materials, such as textiles, leather, metal and even wood.

Advantages of the Little Ghost:

  • Cost efficiency: An inexpensive way to produce high-quality prints on a wide variety of paper types
  • Flexibility: Thanks to the ability to switch between different toners including White, Sublime and Neon toner, a wide range of creative printing is possible.
  • Compact size: Ideal for home or small offices where space is often a valuable resource.

Possible limitations:

  • A4 format: Perfect for standard printing tasks, but limited when larger formats are required.
  • Printing volume: Ideal for smaller print runs and individual projects, not designed for mass production.
  • Toner swapping: Enables creative possibilities, but requires an extra step when replacing toner cartridges.

With the Little Ghost Bundle, you’re not limited to white toner printing, you can also experiment with neon colors and sublimation toners, making it a versatile tool in your creative arsenal.

For larger formats: The Big Ghost Bundle

The Big Ghost Bundle is ideal for anyone who wants to realize their creative visions on larger formats. It expands your possibilities to A3 format and is perfect for creating posters, artwork and other large format prints. The A3 format is also ideal for printing on textiles in larger sizes, allowing you to create stunning designs on T-shirts, hoodies and other garments. With the right transfer papers, you can also print on a variety of materials, making the Big Ghost Bundle a versatile partner for anyone who wants to be creative beyond paper. Print on textiles, ceramics, metal plates and much more to realize your creative projects in any size.

Advantages of the Big Ghost:

  • Larger formats: With the Big Ghost Bundle you can live out your creativity on A3 paper, which opens up new dimensions for your projects.
  • Long toner range: Saves time and money as toner needs to be changed less frequently.
  • Robust device: Known for durability and reliability, a solid investment for demanding projects.
  • Neon toner: Expand your creative possibilities with vibrant neon colors.

Disadvantages to be considered:

  • Acquisition costs: Higher costs reflect the extended capabilities of the printer.
  • Space requirement: Larger printers require more space.
  • No sublimation toner: Compared to the Little Ghost, there is no option to use sublimation toner.

Professional quality on paper: The Ghost Pro

The Ghost Pro is the first choice for professional users who do not want to compromise on the quality of their prints. It offers outstanding print quality and performance for extensive printing tasks and is perfectly designed for the demands of stationery. With this printer, you can create exquisite invitations, business cards, letterheads and other high-quality paper products that are characterized by exceptional colour brilliance and sharpness. The optimized CMYK+W printing process allows color and white to be printed in a single pass, increasing efficiency. Its intelligent software detects where white is needed as an underprint to achieve clear and vibrant print results on colorful paper. In addition, the ability to mix a rich black from the CMY colors ensures excellent color depth and image quality.

Advantages of the Ghost Pro:

  • Professional print quality: First-class results for demanding projects, ideal for all types of stationery up to 300 g/m².
  • High performance: Designed for regular and extensive printing tasks.
  • Versatility: In addition to standard paper, special paper types and formats can also be printed, enabling a wide range of stationery products.
  • Detailed printouts: Thanks to the high resolution, even fine lines and complex patterns can be printed precisely and clearly.
  • CMYK+W in one print pass thanks to intelligent software: The advanced technology makes it possible to print color and white at the same time, with the software calculating exactly where white underprinting is required for optimal results on colored paper.

Possible obstacles:

  • Investment: High costs as an investment in quality and performance, but which pay off through the satisfaction of your customers and the longevity of the device
  • Sizing: For smaller projects or requirements this printer might be oversized, but for professional environments it is just right.

The Ghost Pro is ideal for professional print service providers who specialize in high-quality stationery. It enables the finest details and vibrant colors to be printed on a variety of paper types and weights, making it an indispensable tool for creating wedding sets, business stationery and personalized stationery.

Top class for larger companies: The Ghost Pro X

The Ghost Pro X represents the top class in the world of toner transfer and has been specially developed for users looking for the highest quality and reliability in this field. This printing system is characterized by its ability to produce precise and true colour transfer prints for a wide range of materials such as textiles, ceramics and metal. A key feature of this printer is the CMYK+W printing process in one pass, which is supported by special software. This software is able to calculate exactly where a white underprint is required and prints this as the final step. This is crucial for toner transfer, as it ensures optimal opacity and color brilliance on the transfer material and greatly simplifies and speeds up the entire process.

Advantages of the Ghost Pro X:

  • Specialized in toner transfer: The Ghost Pro X printer is perfectly designed for toner transfer and offers the ability to produce high-quality transfers for a wide range of materials
  • Highest standards: Meets professional printing requirements with consistently excellent results.
  • High performance: Designed for heavy and regular printing tasks.
  • Robust design: Durable and reliable, built for continuous use in production-intensive environments.
  • Optimized printing process: CMYK+W in one pass with special software that prints the white underprint as the last step to maximize the quality of the transfer.
  • Ease of use: Intuitive operation and easy maintenance facilitate daily use and minimize downtime.

To consider:

  • Price: An investment that pays off for large companies.
  • Specialization: While the printer is optimized for toner transfer tasks, it may not be suitable for other printing tasks.

The Ghost Pro X is therefore the ideal solution for anyone working in the field of toner transfer who values professional results, reliability and efficient production. With its advanced technology and specialized software, the Ghost Pro X offers outstanding quality and efficiency for all your transfer projects.

The all-rounder: The Ghost Pro X Essential

The Ghost Pro X Essential represents the latest innovation in our product range and is specifically designed for users who want to get the most out of their printer. With its advanced technology and dedicated software included, this printer offers an outstanding combination of quality, performance and versatility.

This printer is equipped with advanced software and opens up a world of printing possibilities. It allows users to use white as both underprint and overprint, which is sometimes essential for printing on colored materials.

Advantages of the Ghost Pro X Essential:

  • Versatile application possibilities: Prints on a variety of materials, including textiles and wood.
  • Ease of use: Simple handling
  • Creative freedom: The use of special toners such as Neon or Sublime Toner allows for eye-catching designs
  • Gold and silver toners: Availability of special toners such as gold and silver that add extra elegance and a touch of luxury to your print projects.
  • A4 print format with Smart-Cut feature: Although the printer is limited to A4 format, the Smart-Cut feature allows you to create A3-sized designs by splitting the image into two A4 pieces that can be seamlessly joined together after printing.

To consider:

  • Investment costs: Reflects the high-quality equipment and performance of the printer.
  • Toner delivery times: Planning is required to ensure toner is available on time.

The Ghost Pro X Essential is the ultimate solution for users who want to tackle a wide range of printing tasks and always achieve professional results. It is the ideal choice for those who know no boundaries in the world of digital printing and are always looking for ways to realize their creative vision.

The additional options extend the versatility of the Ghost Pro X Essential, making it an even more valuable tool for creative professionals and businesses looking for ways to expand and differentiate their printing capabilities. With the ability to print metallic tones and use both top and bottom printing, the Ghost Pro X Essential is at the forefront of print innovation, offering users the opportunity to stand out in a competitive market.

Conclusion: Choose your ideal Ghost White toner printer bundle

Each of our printer bundles has been developed with different requirements and applications in mind. Consider the size of your projects, the materials you want to print on and the level of detail and color control you want. There’s a Ghost White Toner Bundle to suit your needs, whether you’re making personalized gifts, running a small business or producing high-quality prints for clients.

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