White Drum OKI ES6410DN / 44315108


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White Drum suitable for OKI ES6410DN. With this drum, you can print around 20000 pages with opaque and razor-sharp white prints.

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Unleash Your Creativity with the White Drum OKI ES6410DN / 44315108

When it comes to enhancing the quality and versatility of your prints, the White Drum OKI ES6410DN / 44315108 stands out as an indispensable tool. This innovative product is your key to unlocking a world of creative possibilities with your OKI ES6410DN printer.

Exceptional Quality and Longevity

This White Drum is designed to facilitate the production of about 20,000 pages of stunningly opaque and razor-sharp white prints, elevating your printing capabilities to new heights. It is a testament to Ghost’s commitment to customer satisfaction and quality, offering longevity that ensures you can keep producing high-quality prints without frequent replacements.

Transform Your Printing Experience

With the White Drum OKI ES6410DN / 44315108, you can transform your ordinary printer into a versatile printing machine capable of producing brilliant white prints. Simply replace the black drum with the Ghost White Drum, insert the Ghost White Toner, and you’re ready to start printing. The process is straightforward, allowing you to easily switch between different toners for diverse printing needs.

Endless Applications

The White Drum OKI ES6410DN / 44315108 opens a world of unique printing opportunities. Whether you’re printing on textiles, crafting personalized mugs, or creating intricate designs on different materials, this drum elevates your creativity, offering you the power to print with precision and uniqueness.

Why Choose the White Drum OKI ES6410DN / 44315108?

This product is a testament to Ghost’s commitment to continuous advancement in printing technologies. It offers an unparalleled blend of quality, durability, and versatility, making it a great investment for individuals and businesses that value premium printing capabilities. With this drum, you can leverage the power of your OKI printer to create unique, high-quality prints that make a statement.

Compatible Devices and Accessories

The White Drum OKI ES6410DN / 44315108 is designed specifically for the OKI ES6410DN printer. For an enhanced printing experience, consider pairing it with our range of toners such as the Black Toner OKI ES6410DN / 44315320, Cyan Toner OKI ES6410DN / 44315319, Magenta Toner OKI ES6410DN / 44315318, White Toner OKI ES6410DN / 44315320, and Yellow Toner OKI ES6410DN / 44315317. Also, check out our Laser-Dark (No-Cut) A-Foil Finishing A4 for perfect finishing of your prints.

In conclusion, the White Drum OKI ES6410DN / 44315108 offers you an opportunity to express your creativity in a unique and professional way. Embrace the power of white printing today and make your prints stand out.

List of compatible printers

  • OKI ES6410

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Compatible printers OKI ES6410, OKI
Brand Ghost

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Unlimited possibilities

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White Drum OKI ES6410DN mit VerpackungWhite Drum OKI ES6410DN / 44315108


(86.35  netto)

All prices with 19% MwSt. plus shipping cost

Availability: 50 in stock

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