What is B-paper used for?

Transferring cannot be completed using Forever Laser Dark B-paper alone but allows the refinement of different materials of different quality. Textiles are especially popular – ranging from cotton and mixed materials to polyester and nylon. Classic pieces of clothing such as sweaters and hoodies, t-shirts as well as baseball hats are very popular.

In a marketing context, paper, wooden surfaces, felt or other materials can be used to create individual marketing tools such as flyers or other creative work. The possibilities are endless and depending on the type of product, you can transfer your desired motif at low temperatures using a transfer press – in just a few easy steps.

By using A- and B-paper, more finishes for a color proof, slick result become possible, as well as the perfect white coverage. For example, you can choose metallic, matte or glossy finishes. With traditional processes, these kinds of refinements are either only available in a limited way for larger motifs or not at all. With Forever Laser Dark very detailed pictures and lettering are not a problem.

At the beginning of the process, you print your lettering, logo or pattern in the color of your choice onto the A-foil. It is available in many different versions. Common sizes for A-foils and B-paper Forever Laser Dark are A3 and A4. To transfer your design you will do two transfer steps. First you will marry the printed A-Foil with the B-Paper on the heat press before you transfer your design to the final surface. Because of this you need to print your motif in mirror image mode.

This method will only transfer the areas which are printed to the final product. This method is called 2-step transfer as mentioned above. Your designs printed with your laser printer on the A-Foil can be either in color or white, thanks to our Ghost White Toner. In order to carry this out, the transfer press must be pre-heated. Transfer temperatures are relatively low, ranging from 150 to 170 °C. Still, make sure to handle it with care and place the paper cleanly and carefully. In the next step, the Forever Laser Dark B-paper is placed on top of the A-foil.

Our extra tip for making the handling even easier: place a piece of paper between paper and foil on the edge, with enough space to the motif. This helps you pull the two papers apart far easier. However, before you can pull them apart, they are pressed for 1.5 minutes at 160 °C with 2 to 3 bars of pressure. Pressure and heat activate the adhesive on the B-paper and permanently combine it with the printed design. The adhesive is only activated on the printed areas because it reacts with the Toner. Parts without print will remain unaffected. This ensures that only the printed design is transferred. Our B-paper strengthens color fastness and makes the result easier to clean and improves its feel.  

Afterwards, A-foil and B-paper are separated in one smooth movement while the material is still hot. Now, you have completed the first step and you can cut the edges of the motif on the A-foil. The preferred transfer object such as a t-shirt is placed into the transfer press. Then, you put the A-foil carrying the motif on top, followed by a special cover paper as protection before you start the pressing process.

The transfer process to fabric happens at the same temperature and pressure as detailed above, however 30 to 40 seconds are enough for permanently transferring the design to the t-shirt. Next, you take the t-shirt and the foil out of the press und let it cool. In the final step, you carefully take off the foil in one smooth motion.

The result is a design with intense colors with great detail and smooth color transitions. Now, you can choose between a matte or glossy finish: press the finishing paper on top of the motif for 30 seconds for a perfect result!

Which are the special characteristics of the process?

The process itself has the advantage that it works at temperatures as low as 150 °C. Transferring to textiles is even possible at 100 °C. This way, you can also work with delicate materials such as silk. Because the process requires no weeding and cutting it is much quicker and easier than other methods and costs are manageable thanks to the combination of a laser printer and our materials. For frequent users that make small editions or individual pieces, the purchase is indeed worthwhile.

The variety of materials that can be used is another advantage for users, as well as the great, color proof results. The transfer process and white coverage with Forever Laser Dark bring out intense colors and you have a myriad of finishing options.

Furthermore, the textiles are washable, soft and have an extremely pleasant feel. Motifs and pictures remain in great condition for a long time. Machine cleaning is possible at 30 degrees, while using the dryer should be avoided. Buy your Forever Laser Dark B-paper today and start your creative project!

The new B-Paper Pro

The new B-Paper Pro is the advanced version of the very popular B-Paper and will take your toner transfer results to the next level! It comes in the same sizes (A3 and A4) and is used with the same settings as the regular B-Paper.

The advantages with the B-Paper Pro: – Thinnest coating for a fantastic feel of the print on the fabric. – Better stretchability without cracks – Strongest washability ever seen in a toner transfer application design.

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