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Flex printing is the ideal method for customizing textiles. Using special polyurethane or PVC films applied with heat and pressure, you can create durable and resilient designs on t-shirts, hoodies, and bags. The films are available in many colors and effects and offer precise contour sharpness for complex patterns and intricate lettering. Perfect for single pieces and small series – flex printing provides creative freedom and professional quality. Start your next project now and let your imagination run wild!

Flex Foil Printing: Everything You Need to Know

Flex foil printing is one of the most popular methods for personalizing and designing textiles. Whether it’s T-shirts, hoodies, bags, or sportswear – with flex foil, you can create impressive and durable designs. In this article, you’ll learn everything about flex foil printing, its advantages, and why Ghost White Toner is an excellent alternative.

What is Flex Foil Printing?

Flex foil printing is a process in which a special film (flex foil) is applied to textiles. The flex foil consists of a PVC or polyurethane layer with a thermally activated adhesive on the back. A cutting plotter is used to cut out the desired design from the flex foil. The design is then transferred to the textile using a heat press under high pressure and heat.

Advantages of Flex Foil Printing

  • Durability: Flex foils are extremely durable and retain their color intensity even after many washes.
  • Versatile Design Options: There are flex foils in numerous colors and effects (e.g., metallic, glitter, neon) that enable creative designs.
  • High Opacity: The colors of the flex foil are very opaque, allowing brilliant print results even on dark textiles.
  • Soft Feel: Flex foil prints feel pleasantly soft and offer high wearing comfort.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Many flex foils are free from harmful plasticizers and meet the Oeko-Tex standards.

Applications of Flex Foil Printing

Flex foil printing is often used for the following applications:

  • Team and Club Apparel: Numbers, names, and logos can be precisely printed in vibrant colors on sportswear.
  • Fashion and Merchandise: Designers use flex foil to create unique fashion collections.
  • Promotional Items: T-shirts and bags with company logos are popular promotional gifts.
  • Personalized Gifts: Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, or just as a nice gesture – personalized textiles are always a great idea.

The Production Process of Flex Foil Printing

  1. Create Design: The desired design is created on a computer.
  2. Cut Foil: A cutting plotter precisely cuts the design from the flex foil.
  3. Weeding: Excess foil is removed, leaving only the design.
  4. Transfer: The design is transferred to the textile using a heat press under heat and pressure.
  5. Finishing: After cooling, the textile is ready to use.

Ghost White Toner: A Good Alternative

Ghost White Toner offers an innovative alternative to traditional flex foil printing. Especially for multi-colored and detailed designs, Ghost White Toner provides several advantages:

  • White Prints on Dark Textiles: Ghost White Toner allows white designs to be printed on dark textiles without additional pre-treatment.
  • Detailed Prints: With Ghost White Toner, even the finest details and color gradients can be printed with high precision.
  • Easy Application: Using Ghost White Toner is straightforward and doesn’t require expensive cutting plotters or heat presses.
  • Versatile Materials: In addition to textiles, other materials such as wood, glass, or metal can also be printed.


Flex foil printing offers an excellent way to customize textiles. With its durability, opacity, and versatile design options, it is a popular choice for various applications. Ghost White Toner, on the other hand, provides a modern alternative, especially for detailed and multi-colored designs.

Whether you choose flex foil printing or Ghost White Toner, both techniques allow you to create creative and personalized textiles. Try it out and discover the versatile possibilities of flex foil printing and Ghost White Toner!

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