Why Toner Transfer is better than Vinyl Cut

With Toner Transfer, you can easily transfer your designs to a variety of materials!

What you need

You need these products for the toner transfer!


With the printer, you print your designs onto a transfer foil.

Tip: with the Ghost White Toner you can also print in white!

Transfer foil

You can use this to transfer your design to materials such as textiles, glass, wood, candles – there is a foil for (almost) every material!

Heat press

Use heat to transfer your design to the chosen material.

Your Toner Transfer starter pack

Want to get started right away? We’ve put together a starter pack for you!

Your Toner Transfer starter pack

Want to get started right away? We’ve put together a starter pack for you!

Why Toner Transfer is better than Vinyl Cut


Our printers always come in a bundle with a matching white toner – or you can also use the white toner in your own compatible printer!

Transfer foil

Here you will find our certified transfer foils for transfer printing on many different surfaces in A4 & A3.

Heat press

Still no suitable heat press? We also have some in stock!

How does Toner Transfer work?

Still have questions? In our comprehensive guide, we explain exactly how toner transfer works!

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Revolutionise your printing projects with Ghost White Toner

Discover the advantages of white toner printing

The Ghost White Toner is an innovative solution for anyone who wants to take their creativity to the next level. Unlike traditional plotting, which is limited to cutting vinyl sheets, white toner printing opens up a world of possibilities. Not only can you print on coloured or black paper, but you can also transfer your designs onto materials such as textiles, glass and wood. The technology behind the Ghost White Toner is designed to be easy to use while delivering professional results.

What is Ghost White Toner?

Ghost White Toner is a special type of toner that is used in compatible laser printers to print in pure white. Unlike conventional laser printers, which cannot print in white, Ghost White Toner enables white elements to be printed on dark and coloured backgrounds. This opens the door to impressive print projects that were previously unrealisable.

Simplicity and flexibility

The Ghost White toner is very easy to use. Simply replace the black toner in your laser printer with the Ghost White toner. No time-consuming cleaning of the printer is necessary, as it calibrates itself automatically and is ready for use immediately. This allows you to quickly switch between black and white printing, depending on the requirements of your project.

Unlimited design possibilities

With the Ghost White Toner, you are no longer limited to white paper just because you want to use white in your design. You can choose coloured paper and print your design in white. Whether you want to use blue, red, green or black paper – anything is possible with the Ghost White Toner. This gives your cards, invitations and designs a very special and individual touch.

High-quality results

Prints with the Ghost White toner are characterised by high sharpness and clear contours. The white colour is particularly effective on dark backgrounds and allows you to create professional and eye-catching print products without having to rely on external service providers.

The advantage over plotting

When plotting, a foil is cut according to your design and then applied to the desired material. This process can be time-consuming and requires careful handling, especially with intricate designs. In addition, the colour spectrum is limited when plotting, as you are dependent on the available colours of foil.

With the Ghost White toner, however, these restrictions no longer apply. You can print your designs directly and in high quality on a variety of materials. The colour white is used as a “colour” and not as an omission in the print, which leads to a dynamic and high-contrast result.

Time and cost savings

Using Ghost White toner saves time and money. You don’t have to invest in expensive plotter machines or keep foils in different colours in stock. White toner printing is possible directly and without detours. This means you can also produce short runs or individual items efficiently and cost-effectively.

Versatile areas of application

The Ghost White toner is not only suitable for paper. With the toner transfer system, you can transfer your designs to textiles, wood and even glass. Whether you want to print on T-shirts, make personalised gifts or create unique works of art – the Ghost White Toner makes it possible.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness

Another advantage of the Ghost White Toner system is its environmental friendliness. Compared to other printing methods, which often generate a lot of waste, white toner printing is efficient and conserves resources. You only use as much toner as is necessary for your design, thus reducing material consumption.

Conclusion: A tool for creative freedom

he Ghost White Toner is more than just a printing medium – it is a tool for creative freedom. Its ease of use, versatility of application and impressive results make it a superior alternative to plotting. Whether for hobby artists, small businesses or design professionals – the Ghost White Toner opens up new horizons in the world of printing.

Discover the possibilities offered by the Ghost White Toner now and revolutionise your printing projects. Visit our YouTube channel, to find out more and get inspired for your next project!

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