Finally, you can print White on colored, black, and even transparent paper! Transfer your designs to other materials like textiles, glass, wood and more. There are no limits to your creativity. We are the White Toner Original for many years!

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White printing on dark paper, transparent media, color paper and many other products

White printing on dark media has long posed a problem for conventional printing technologies and was reserved for screen and offset printing. Customers who wanted to produce short runs of printed matter, prototypes or personalized products with white ink could only do this on specially designed laser printers or in expensive printing processes with cliché costs. Short runs or personalized individual pieces were so often too expensive and uneconomical. Ghost White Toner turns any laser printer into a white toner printer.

Order innovative White Toner from Ghost and try it out

In our Toner Finder you can find all compatible Ghost Toners. If you already have a compatible printer, you can easily turn it into a Ghost printer!
Is your printer not in the list? Then of course we offer matching printer bundles including White Toner in different sizes and configurations. There will be something for every application!

Innovation has never been so easy, that’s why our motto since the beginning is “White Toner for everyone!”.

We produce our White Toner almost exclusively in Germany. All Ghost Toners are tested and DIN & ISO certified.

All Ghost Toners come with an extra long warranty of 3 years!

Other helpful products for White Toner Transfer

In addition to our high quality White, Color, Sublime & Neon Toner Cartridges, we also offer a selection of Transfer Foils, Transfer Presses and supplies.

At Ghost you get everything from one source and can always fall back on our friendly and professional support.

Order your Transfer Foils anytime, 24 hours a day, so your designs can appear on the desired surface as quickly as possible.

Need a new heat press? We deliver promptly a suitable heat press in different sizes, which have been tested by us!

For the perfect process, we offer accessories such as silicone mats, lint roller or heat-resistant adhesive tape.

How White printing works with Ghost

Ghost White Toner produces White Toner cartridges for many different laser printers. So you can easily equip your laser printer with a Ghost White Toner and print white immediately. All you need to do is replace the black cartridge in the printer with the White Toner cartridge to print everything displayed on the screen in black in White. Ghost offers White Toner cartridges for many different printers from HP, Canon, Lexmark and Samsung. This makes small runs and individual items with white printing on dark or coloured substrates inexpensive and easy to produce. There is no need to invest in a separate printing system as it is easy to print on an office laser printer. There are also no costs for clichés or other printing preparations. Designs can be printed out as usual on the PC on the laser printer – now also in opaque white!

Order innovative White Toner from Ghost and try it out

You can easily order our White Toners via our product selection. We offer you a number of different packages for the composition of common color toners and the white toners. You can order these for example as a standard toner set or Big Ghost White Toner suitable for your HP laser printer. The white toners in the large versions for prints up to A3 are sufficient for well over 7,000 sheets.

White toners exist for different series of HP and Canon, but also single or several models of other well-known manufacturers. The number of prints that can be produced with the white toner cartridges is extremely variable. So you can even equip the HP ColorLaserjet M651 with a white toner drum for up to 11,500 sharply printed pages in white.

Are you still planning to take a closer look at white printing and its possibilities? If you don’t yet have a suitable laser printer, we recommend one of our bundles. The Big and Little Ghost Bundles each contain a white toner for white prints on paper, cardboard etc. With the Ghost toners you can also design other materials using the transfer printing process. You can find more information below. White toners offer exciting options in many design contexts, which bring out particularly noble or innovative results. White toners open up new possibilities for classical printing as well as modern printing techniques and can be used without much effort. As a specialist for white printing you will find many suggestions for the use of white toners and all necessary working, printing and transfer materials for successful white printing.

card design lettering with ghost neon toner

More printing technologies from Ghost

Besides white printing, Ghost also offers solutions for neon and sublimation printing. With our Ghost Neon toners you can print in bright neon colors. Neon prints glow under black light and can be used in bars, clubs and restaurants. With Ghost Sublime Toner you can get sublimation toner for your printer. With sublimation printing polyester textiles and sublimation-friendly blanks such as mouse pads, PhoneCovers, mugs, T-shirts, caps and many other gifts can be printed easily. No transfer papers are required for sublimation with Ghost Sublime Toner.

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