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  • Is it possible to print black and white simultaneously?

    ->No! To print in black and white on one document you have to make two prints on the same page. First print with the white cartridge installed, then insert the black cartridge to print all black and colored areas. Take care that all white areas will not be overprinted.
  • Where to buy paper for Ghost White Toner?

    -> All papers from our Sample Pack can be ordered directly from our telesales team. Our Black Paper and our uncoated „Brown Paper“ can be ordered from our website. More papers will be added to our online store in the future.
  • How to create files suitable for white printing?

    -> Its pretty simple: Everything that is black on your screen will be printed in white, when the white Toner cartridge is installed. For perfect results please set the printer driver to grayscale. Every Ghost Bundle comes with clear printing and setting instructions.
  • Do I need specific software for white printing?

    -> No! With Ghost you can use almost any software to create great white prints. Just use Word, Powerpoint, or any other office application to create your documents. Of course Ghost works great with imaging software like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw and many more.
    For Pros: Make sure that your white ares are set to 100% ‘K’ in your color control panel to get fantastic results.
  • I already have an HP Printer. Can I use Ghost White Toner?

    -> YES! Ghost White Toner is available for many models from different manufactures. Check if your model is available:
  • I already have an HP Color Laserjet Pro 200 M251n or HP Color Laserjet Pro CP5225dn? Can I use Ghost White Toner?

    -> Yes! Just order Ghost White Toner for your printer. For a quick start you can also order our Sample Pack. It includes a detailed instruction as well as beautiful papers to start with.
  • Where can I buy Ghost bundles and supplies?

    -> To make sure you always get the greatest prints and the best service Ghost White Toner products will only be available on our website or at designated resellers. We ship to Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium.
    Do you want to become a Ghost White Toner reseller? Contact our sales team at
  • Can I use other toner cartridges?

    -> For best results with crisp colors, sharp contrast and great white coverage we recommend Ghost Toner cartridges or original cartridges from the printer manufacturer.
  • My prints look silver not white. What went wrong?

    ->Please set your printer driver to grayscale. Otherwise, cyan, magenta or yellow toner will be mixed with the white toner, which can lead to strange prints!
  • How to print in color?

    -> For color printing please install the black toner cartridge. Alle colors need black for contrast and to create nuances of colors.
  • How do I print white toner, black toner and cyan/magenta/yellow toner on one page?

    -> The easiest way is to create two files. The first file contains all text, areas, logos and pictures which should be white or colored on the final print. All these areas have to be black on your screen in this first file. Set your printer driver to grayscale and make sure you have the white toner cartridge installed.
    After printing this first file please reinsert the page into your printer. Make sure that the alignment is right.
    The second file should contain all colored and black areas. Please delete all areas that came out white on the first printout. Otherwise these areas will be printed again.
    Insert the black toner cartridge and print the second file.
    More information and tutorials can be found on or YouTube Channel: Ghost-White-Toner on Youtube
  • How often can I swap between the white and the black cartridge?

    ->You can swap between the cartridges as often as you need.Make sure to keep the unused cartridge save from air and light. The best place to keep the unused cartridge is the box the cartridge came in.
  • I want to print white and color on a document. I have an offset by printing. What I'm doing wrong?

    In general, it should be noted to print an offset of 0,5mm is normal.

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