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DIY Trends 2017 and 2018

After the playful “Whimsy” design trend, we would like to keep you up-to-date with another DIY trend. If you’re fond of minimalism, straightness and neutral colours – then this one is for you!

We would like to introduce the Thoughtful Design Trend which is one of the main design trends for 2018! What does the Thoughtful Design Trend look like? Well, let’s define it as the exact opposite of the Whimsy trend.

Design Trend Thoughtful

Less is more! Products of the Thoughtful Design Trend look more cautious and are mostly arranged in monochromatic-coloured design. Patterns designed according to the Thoughtful Design Trend show circles, flowers or gentle lines and are drawn very softly and minimalistic. The colours which are used in this kind of trend do harmonize well and it is preferred to use shades of pastel and smooth colour progressions.

Slender and tender

The Thoughtful design trend is comparable with all the different trends from Scandinavia which were occurring during the last few years. Probably you’ve heard of them already. Products designed within these kind of trends often look very slender and tender. Also, the Thoughtful design trend matches with the mindset of minimalism which was spread world-wide recently (or should we say once again – as it has always been there for as long as design itself. It remains as one of the classic styles.) The focus is pretty much centred on simplicity and space. The idea behind: simplicity in the things that surround you will result in peace of mind in your head as well.

Are you ready to try out something new?

Explore new creative possibilities with Ghost. We wish you a wonderful and creative 2018!Ghost


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