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C!Print Lyon 2018

C!Print Lyon 2018

Ghost shows it's well established White Toner for laser printing on the C!Print Salon in Lyon.

C!Print France 2018

Salon C!Print is the show for all printing related businesses in France. With input from specialists in the field at conferences and round tables, Meetings and discussions between professionals and technical training during the show it offers various opportunities to grow your printing business.

Ghost will exhibit at this important show for the first time showing it’s well established White Toner solution for laserprinters to the French audience.

By replacing the black cartridge with a Ghost White Toner any printer could be converted into a White Toner printer. This made the investment in a high-cost White Toner System obsolete. In combination with no-weeding transfer papers Ghost White Toner became the most affordable solution for dark and coloured garment personalization.

Ghost shows sublimation on a laser printer

Next to its established White Toner Transfer Solution Ghost will be showcasing a revolutionary approach to Sublimation printing. With the Ghost Sublimation Toner Kits customers can turn their existing laser printers into dye sublimation printers. By cutting the cost of ink based sublimation and removing all known problems, such as blocking print heads and expensive release papers, this system is going to revolutionize personalization of polyester-based textiles and coated hard surfaces.

 Customers can easily swap back and forth between Ghost White Toner, CMYK Toner and the Ghost Sublimation Toner Kit. One machine for all jobs.

Visit Ghost at C!Print Lyon

Customers can create Cell phone covers, coasters, ceramic mugs, bad tags, high-definition prints on aluminium as well as cotton shirts, bags, hats and caps with the push of a button. No investment into a new machine or special software is needed to get the best of both worlds (Toner Transfer and Sublimation).


Get your hands on this brand-new solution and experience high quality, vibrant color transfers live at Salon C!Print Lyon 2018


Visit us in Hall 1 Booth 1D28.

C!Print Lyon 2018 06.02.-08.02.2018


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